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👎 Cons: Terrible playerbase and matchmaking. Be prepared for your team to constantly run it down mid over and over, junglers who don't know how to jungle, and roams who can't tank/support worth a damn.
🎮 Gameplay: Not a moba but a brawler in a moba skin. Monotonous gameplay, boring items, every champ has some lame dash move. Game snowballs with handholding instead of actual laning and objective taking.
🎨 Graphics: Ugly as sin, bland colors and animations. Only Wild Rift looks uglier. Mlbb is vibrant, higher res, and better contrast.
💰 Value for Money: 0 dollars. Utter waste of time. Overhyped trash.
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I am only level 30 account but here's my experience so far. 🎮 Gameplay: The average standard Mobile MOBA. Nothing super special about the basis of the game itself but the heroes are interesting and not really just a "copy" from another MOBA heroes/champions. Here's a quick pros and cons for those coming from MLBB. 👍 Pros: I haven't encountered any heroes that I absolutely cannot counter yet. From my perspective, either we fail miserably as a team or I just have skill issue whenever we lose not because certain heroes are absolutely broken. Maybe someone on the top rank matches can correct me on this.
🎨 Graphics: good 👎 Cons: wether you choose graphic from high to lowest, there is no significant change, it's always under 45 fps 👎 Cons: Matchmaking is rather bizarre, cuz if you have friends you can always be a team with them and for the other party? Good Luck for playing with someone who intentionally afk. It's easily manipulated, whoever invent this kind of matchmaking is bloody ignorant 🕹️ Controls: Awful, either in game or in lobby the button response has huge delay
A boring brawler disguised as a moba
👎 Cons: Lowest IQ moba on the market. Playerbase is absolutely the worst. The characters are too cookie cutter and all have the same dash ahead moves. The items suck. The gameplay is too slow for the actual moba because too many people play it as a brawler. So many balance problems. No NA server so you're stuck playing with low IQ Brazilians who run it down mid and fight mismatched fights. 👍 Pros: going back to play real mobas like MLBB or WR
Joella (Joellasylvia71)752024-04-14
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