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Genshin Impact
It has already been a year since I started playing this game, and it's super fun and relaxing (besides Spiral Abyss). At the beginning, I thought there was a lot of content to cover, and you'll never get bored if you take the game slowly. I say give it a try – amazing graphics, amazing storylines, amazing characters!
Persona 5
I'll change my rating as I play through the game, but as of now:
- Graphics: Pretty good
- Music: Makes it great, typical Persona mix
- Gameplay: Turn-based combat, lots of talking; it's what you'd expect from a Persona game but on mobile.

So far, it feels like a Persona 5 self-insert fanfic, especially the opening cutscene. It's probably the language barrier that's making the tone sound cringe because I'm just using a translator to get through. I'll stick around though because I've been looking forward to this.
Maple Heroes
One fateful day, amidst the chaos, a mystical lamp appeared, illuminating the mushrooms and transforming them into courageous warriors. From that moment on, mushrooms set forth on daring adventures, seeking more lamps and greater powers.
Limbus Company
As the Executive Manager of Limbus Company, lead your group of twelve Sinners,
venture into the buried facilities of Lobotomy Corporation, and lay claim on the Golden Boughs.
Dark Grimms' Fairy Tales
Really enjoying it so far. The tutorial is quite long, but you can skip parts of it. There are a fair few gift codes to use which give nice rewards too. My main criticism is how much hero fodder is needed to star up - it takes a long time to get the Hero materials needed, which is a bit off-putting. Nice rewards as you progress though, and events are very generous, even for f2p players. Still playing happily weeks later.
Hypermon Evolution
A really nice pokemon game
AFK Journey
a 3D world-based strategy card RPG
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Min Hoo Bat
Min Hoo Bat

nahh genshin , maple story , Hypermon evolution isnt da best game , 6 y kid game . More realestic games 2024 Era now on easily beats up Solo leveling Arise , Neon abyss infinty , Modern strike blackops ,


Helios Fist
Helios Fist

none of the games u mentioned have good storyline ,content and player as genshin does 6months toddler πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€


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KIRITOthe black swords man
KIRITOthe black swords man

lord have mercy



actually though


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Genshin Impact isn't the best open world game, but it's decent. There are several good open world PC games that outperform GI in terms of storyline and gameplay aspects. Examples include the Elder Scrolls series and, of course, the Witcher series. When it comes to mobile, genshin has had an influence and is a game changer on the mobile platform, but it is not the greatest for PC. And the only worthwhile game on your list is Afk Journey. It is a free-to-play game with generous giveaways, redeem codes, and seasonal event rewards, as well as an interesting storyline and character lore. In terms of visual design, it has similarities to Studio Ghibli, which is visually appealing, and their in-app purchase prices are reasonable with bonuses.


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Honkai Impact 3rd another amazing game from however..it eats up storage a lot especially for mobile phone users but it is worth it. Solo Leveling:Arise The game and anime are both good, and the Japanese dub is excellent too. Some kids criticize the gacha system and give it low ratings, but in my opinion, this game deserves appreciation from players who choose to spend money on it. To those who want to pay to win (P2W), remember that you can't expect your character to be as strong as those of whales (big spenders). Also, luck plays a significant roleβ€”some players get lucky and acquire great heroes and weapons without spending a dollar.
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Persona 5: The Phantom X The game is okay, but it's a little buggy, and I don't understand the story. That's why I'm giving it 1 star. The game looks like it's trying to mimic Persona 5, but falls short. Dark Grimms' Fairy Tales So far, this has been the longest-playing mobile game for me since Brave Frontier. There isn't much of a story, but I really enjoy the gameplay itself. The art is nice, and the server I play on has a great community. I would recommend this game. It's fairly easy to acquire characters and diamonds the more you play. However, a specific item is difficult to obtain unless you spend money, and you need it for higher levels.
Top 7 Nice Games!!!!!! check my game reviews
Solo Leveling:Arise Review This describes a game by NETMARBLE (if you know, you know... if you don't, stay away). It's an IDLE game with an "action" tag, meaning you can progress quickly at the beginning but soon encounter a level requirement "gate" that you must overcome either by closing the game and waiting for a few hours or a day for your characters to collect AFK rewards, or by spending money. Combat involves a mix and match of different styles and mechanics, with gameplay that is confusing at best and incomprehensible or infuriating at worst. There are limited dodge chances, and perfect dodging is useless in some situations because you'll get hit regardless of what you do. Mobs don't indicate when they are about to attack; some have a light flash or red indication on the ground, but it's difficult to predict when to dodge (the light flash sometimes occurs 5 seconds before or after the attack lands). The game expects you to learn thousands of attack patterns, and the targeting system is very poor. There are limited daily dungeons and activities, making farming impossible, especially when trying to acquire relics with random substats. There's no gold farm, which is necessary for upgrades and crafting.
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