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Rainbow Six: SMOL - NETFLIX
Rinbox six SMOL , amazing game !

Rinbox six SMOL , amazing game !

365 View2024-04-19
Rainbox six SMOL is another Netflix mobile game, but it is just amazing.
This is a top-down view game , the gameplay is same as R6S and R6M.
The animation is amazing and the game is pretty cute too, gun sounds and music is very nice too.
👍 Pros: Mobile game, cute, easy gameplay.
👎 Cons: You need a Netflix membership,  but you can download mod apk from crome like me.
🎮 Gameplay: Same as R6S and R6M but its pretty cute and fast.
🕹️ Controls: Very nice and responsive very similar to MOBA games.
🎨 Graphics: Very very cute and bright.
🎵 Sound: gun sounds are amazing.
The game has a tutorial path I showed in the photos.
I haven't completed it yet so I don't know about the Multiplayer system so I will another post.Thanks for reading.
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➡️Rainbow Six: SMOL - NETFLIX now exclusively available for Netflix Members on both Android & iOS devices ➡️Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.netflix.NGP.Rainbow6Smol ➡️iOS: https://apps.apple.com/in/app/rainbow-six-smol-netflix/id6449793129 if you enjoyed the video, drop a like &  Subscribe https://www.youtube.com/@ANDROOSGAMEPLAY Thanks for your support ❤️ ➡️About this Game
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