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Legend City
various gameplay system makes this game more funny

various gameplay system makes this game more funny

17 View2024-05-10
This game is great! The gameplay in every event throughout the seasons is excellent. Though, getting SP officers can be quite challenging!
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sp officers are a little bit hard to get
The game is really nice. You can be free to play but if you decide to invest a little you can jump start your development and enjoy the game even more. Many of the servers are new and people are just starting, so this is nice regarding progress and not being too far behind. Very sexy and quality artworks for both secretaries and agents. It is addictive to start collecting them all :) Hope this review helps.
The game presents a compelling story
I love its tight and responsive gameplay mechanics. Combat encounters are challenging yet fair, requiring strategic thinking and skillful execution to overcome enemies and bosses. The game's progression system, offering upgrades and new abilities, adds depth and a sense of growth to the gameplay experience.
The Falcon2K2023-12-08
I really li l e this game but there are many broken stuff in it that take to many unit to kill. It also forces you to get a deck that can defeat the cards last i think the competive had to in your rank i play with to many player that had just started or they have finished that season stairs but beside that it's fun and has a very good strategy.
Dababy Yeet682022-05-31
Nine Sols
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