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Legend City
nice game so far

nice game so far

12 View2024-05-12
maybe the artwork can be better?It's an incredible game that doesn't require you to spend money. The only downside is that you can't switch to different servers to join other alliances without starting a new city from scratch. Additionally, attracting players to your server is nearly impossible, leaving you with just a few people.
anyways, so far so good
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Genuinely a good game. Fantastic graphics and gameplay ; Characters are also awesome. The controls are also ok. On the negative side it's quite a boring game. The intro is good and interesting but later I bored .Both South East Asia and North America server are almost empty , single player match making is good but squad match making takes a lot of time . I hope they fix these issues later.
Multiplayer: Definitely one of the best multiplayer game in my opinion my friends and i can easily play without any issue also the affinity feature is one of best thing you added so far Map Design: I love the map so far but my idea is add another Monster in 25minutes game to end the game faster making the map bigger is also great because the map is kinda small which makes it so easy to rotate. This is just my feedbacks and can you please give me access to advance server it would be an honor id1569082762 (16594)
Okr77 6677302024-02-09
So far the game is crude, the graphics are not very good, and neither are the physics. The game is literally completely filled with donations, there are not enough modes, weapons and skins. I think the developers should try a little harder on their game. But I am sure that the game can become even better, so I wish the developers good luck in improving the game, and you players, a good game  😉.
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