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CarX Street
Top 50 Racing Games Everyone is Playing

Top 50 Racing Games Everyone is Playing

6K View2024-06-09
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Top 1: CarX Street
Description: Trending in iOS Popular Chart.
Top 2: Ace Racer
Description: Experience Ace Racer's unique vehicle ultimates and customizable real-life cars on global tracks, with new luxury car rentals and upgrade packs.
Top 3: Need for Speed Most Wanted
Description: Popular amongst Horror gamers now.
Top 4: Asphalt 9: Legends
Description: Asphalt 9: Legends offers a robust, visually stunning racing experience, with hyper-realistic graphics, diverse locations, and competitive multiplayer mode.
Top 5: Racing Master
Description: Don’t miss what’s trending for Historical gamers.
Top 6: Rocket League® Sideswipe
Description: Ranked Top 10 on the PC Popular Chart.
Top 7: CarX Drift Racing 2
Description: 92.9% of players loved the Gameplay.
Top 8: Bike Clash: PvP Cycle Game
Description: Compete globally in Bike Clash's new jump mode with improved graphics and more translations; customize bikes and climb leaderboards.
Top 9: Off Road 4x4 Driving Simulator
Description: 94.4% of players loved the Gameplay.
Top 10: Need for Speed™ No Limits
Description: Race underground with custom cars and adrenaline-fueled challenges, now featuring King's Cavalry and new Flashback Events.
Top 11: Disney Speedstorm
Description: Master each Racer’s ultimate skills in this multiplayer racing experience and delight in the extensive customization options that Disney Speedstorm provides!
Top 12: Riders Republic
Description: Riders Republic combines racing, stunts, and exploration in an immersive open world. With intuitive controls and breathtaking visuals, it prioritizes fun and over-the-top action.
Top 13: Garena Speed Drifters
Description: Most popular Platformer game of the week.
Top 14: Real Racing 3
Description: Don’t miss what’s trending for Music gamers.
Top 15: Wreckfest
Description: Wreckfest is a mobile port with wacky cars, beautiful graphics, fun map design, content-rich and fully customizable experience worth the $6.99.
Top 16: Asphalt 8 - Car Racing Game
Description: Whoa. Tactical gamers are all talking about this one.
Top 17: Mario Kart Tour
Description: 90.9% of players loved the Gameplay.
Top 18: GRID™ Autosport
Description: Best racing game ever; perfect gameplay, graphics, controls. Worth every penny, a console level game no doubt.
Top 19: KartRider: Drift
Description: Experience the ultimate cross-platform, customizable kart racing with no paywalls and continuous content updates.
Top 20: RIDE 5
Description: Don’t miss what’s trending for Local Multiplayer gamers.
Top 21: 巔峰極速
Description: 96.6% of players loved the Gameplay.
Top 22: KartRider Rush+
Description: Experience the upgraded kart racing with new modes, customization, and a unique story, becoming a legend in competitive multiplayer.
Top 23: Static Shift Racing
Description: 91.4% of players loved the Gameplay.
Top 24: Xtreme Motorbikes
Description: Trending now for Management gamers.
Top 25: CarX Highway Racing
Description: Don’t miss what’s trending for Mystery gamers.
Top 26: Road Redemption Mobile
Description: Experience a free-to-start, post-apocalyptic motorcycle gang adventure with deep combat and customization, now on mobile with no ads.
Top 27: Assoluto Racing
Description: Assoluto Racing is considered by many the best simulation game; it keeps players engaged, preventing the game from becoming boring and uninteresting.
Top 28: CSR 2 Realistic Drag Racing
Description: Trending now for Drag racing gamers.
Top 29: Racing Legends - Offline Games
Description: Experience next-gen graphics and intense arcade-style racing with endless customization options; now with minor bug fixes.
Top 30: Speed Moto Dash:Real Simulator
Description: Whoa. Puzzle-adventure gamers are all talking about this one.
Top 31: Forza Motorsport
Description: Don’t miss what’s trending for Shoot 'Em Up gamers.
Top 32: Drift Spirits
Description: Whoa. Team-Based gamers are all talking about this one.
Top 33: European Luxury Cars
Description: Highly recommended video game with realistic car physics, customizable vehicles, multiplayer mode and diverse maps. Definitely worth trying and playing.
Top 34: Bike Unchained 2
Description: Whoa. Bikes gamers are all talking about this one.
Top 35: ClubR: Online Car Parking Game
Description: Trending now for Music gamers.
Top 36: Police Sim 2022 Cop Simulator
Description: Whoa. Casual gamers are all talking about this one.
Top 37: Pixel Car Racer
Description: This game can be really fun, but demands allot of grind, roughly 30 million for 1 max-out car".
Top 38: Extreme Car Driving Simulator
Description: Whoa. Build & battle gamers are all talking about this one.
Top 39: Bike Riders: Dirt Moto Racing
Description: Don’t miss what’s trending for Simulation gamers.
Top 40: Driving School Simulator
Description: Experience real car driving in a simulator with over 150 vehicles, manual or automatic transmission, and various game modes.
Top 41: Payback 2 - The Battle Sandbox
Description: Experience overblown fun with Payback 2's varied campaign, online battles, and endless custom events across seven cities and nine modes.
Top 42: Rush Rally 3
Description: Rush Rally 3 offers detailed customization, realistic driving physics, and impressive graphics, all surprisingly lightweight. Truly captures the vibe of Dirt Rally 2.0 but mobile!
Top 43: GTAx Furious Descent
Description: Whoa. Arcade gamers are all talking about this one.
Top 44: MX Bikes
Description: Most popular Sports game of the week.
Top 45: Rally Fury - Extreme Racing
Description: Many cars available, easy in-game currency, varied tracks. Graphics compete with Asphalt series. Rally Furry, a friendly free-to-play game, all content unlockable with victories.
Top 46: LEGO® 2K Drive
Description: Lego 2K Drive is more than your average racer, offering an intriguing exploration, engaging minigames and detailed vehicle customization in an immersive open world.
Top 47: Skate Space
Description: Skateboard battles, chats, and customizable parks—enjoy the freedom of skateboarding with no rules and stylish avatars.
Top 48: CarX Rally
Description: Experience true rally racing with realistic physics, 35 new championships, and extensive car customization, now featuring three new cars.
Top 49: Rush Rally 3 Demo
Description: Rush Rally 3 delivers a racing simulation challenge on-the-go that most modern mobile games can't provide - a solid addition to any collection.
Top 50: Beach Buggy Racing 2
Description: Whoa. Survival gamers are all talking about this one.
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