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Deceive Inc.

Deceive Inc.

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New Update: Of Queens and Kings

Update Highlights:

● New Agent, Octo: meet the boisterous super-hacker, Octo!
● New Private Lobbies: Players now have the ability to facilitate their own private matches!
● Catalogs from Seasons 1 & 2 will remain permanently completable!
● New Map, Operation Sound Eclipse: Stop a powerful EMP super-weapon on a high stakes mission in a futuristic
space opera
● New Store Items & Premium Catalog Available: New legendary skins, poses, and inks for gadgets and weapons
● Quality of Life Improvements: Additional improvements have been made based on community feedback
Special Edition
Dress to impress with the Deceive Inc. Black Tie Edition!

Every Black Tie Edition Includes:
- Deceive Inc. Digital Download
- Exclusive ‘Black Tie’ outfits for all 8 Agents
- Custom ‘Black Tie’ Profile Portrait & Title
- 1,000 Deceive Inc. Bonds
Buzz"I got a chance to check out an early build of Deceive Inc. What I found was a studio trying to make something we haven't seen before—and doing a pretty good job at it." - IGN

"The characters are intriguing, and the game is bursting with more character and wild outplays than a traditional battle royale-style brawler would allow." - Polygon

"Deceive Inc. could be the next Among Us." - Dexerto

"Deceive Inc could just become your new favourite multiplayer game. It will worm its way in slowly, infiltrating your brain." - NME

"Subterfuge has never felt so sweet." - GameReactor

"If you’re looking for an engaging multiplayer spy game, Deceive Inc. is hiding in plain sight." - GamingBolt
About the GameWelcome to DECEIVE INC. , a private corporation with complete monopoly over the international espionage market. You can disguise yourself as anyone you meet in an instant, have access to state-of-the-art gadgets the rest of the world can only dream of and possess skills that would make Hollywood super spies jealous.

But you are not alone. Rival spies are after the same objective and every single one of them is as skilled, cunning and well-equipped as you are.

Blend in, grab the objective and break out. In the end, only one spy can complete the mission and get the paycheck. Company policy.

Find your playstyle with a roster of diverse agents each with their own unique weapon and skillset. From world-renowned burglars to up-and-coming espionage sensations, DECEIVE INC. prides itself on being an equal opportunity employer.

Create your loadouts from a plethora of highly versatile gadgets. With agent's favorites like the Inflatable mat, holo-mimic and bullet proof umbrella, our world-class R&D department got you covered. Literally.

Every DECEIVE INC. agent is outfitted with a high-tech holographic watch allowing you to disguise yourself as guests, staff members or even security guards to gain access to restricted areas without arousing suspicion. Guaranteed to keep you hidden as long as you don’t shoot… or get shot.

Infiltrate sprawling locations filled with people to suspect, electronics to hack, restricted areas to trespass in and windows to jump from. How you get inside the vault and steal the objective is entirely up to you… and all the rival spies who will stop at nothing to beat you to it. No pressure.
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Sweet Bandits Studios
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I saw a small gameplay of the game on tiktok and i realised that this game might be the one that i am looking for, and after i saw a mobile version of it it made me want  to play the game even more. Even though, I am waiting until it realeses in lebanon so drop a comment and tell me how the game is lookin'


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Deceive Inc. is updated at 2024-02-17.

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The provider of Deceive Inc. is Sweet Bandits Studios.

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