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About the GameA Surf Adventure
Immerse yourself in the chill vibes of the tropical islands as a traveling surfer.
On the first island orient yourself by interacting with the quirky characters, learn to surf, discover the history of past surfers, and explore for treasure. Once comfortable and in tune with the lifestyle, as well as having the first surf spot wired, venture to other islands by boat. The boatman hints that “there are many breaks along the way,” but you are interested in getting to the contest island, where you know that winning a “fast” jet ski, will allow you to venture further and unveil the mysteries of the outer islands.

The Outer Islands
Surfing is not the only draw to these islands. At the start you learn that "These islands are full of mystery and adventure." Unveil the secrets of the islands and the lore that unfolds by talking to other visitors, reading the journals of travelers, and exploring the outer islands by jet ski. As your adventure evolves you will find that things are not always as straightforward as they seem.

Insanely Cool Surfing
Physics based surfing, with simple controls and infinite possibilities. One button to tail slide, cutback, and do airs. Simulation design, which is easy to do but hard to do well. The expert surfers in the area will tell you that you have to control your speed, read the wave, pump for speed and schwack to a tail slide or air. Learning to do this well is up to you. The wave is an open canvas for you to draw upon. The wave scoring will show the progression of your abilities and how you are improving. Contests are available at all the breaks.

Surfboard Variety
Start with the simulation board, which is fine for the beginner break. Advance to more specialized boards, scattered about the islands. Get a big wave gun for big waves, a fast twin fin for speed and big airs, and pick up a couple of all around fun boards to complete your quiver.

The Surf Breaks
Find surf breaks all over the islands. Start at the beginner break. A really fun easy wave with an easy takeoff turning into fast and slow sections requiring some skill and practice. Try the other nearby Reef, Point, and Beach breaks all with their own qualities. Venture away from the crowds to discover and unlock various mysterious unknown breaks.

Players and Characters
You are not bound to one explorer. Choose from a variety of players. But know that each player affects the physics in the game. Change players and change the feel of the game, especially in the surfing.

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E Marx
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Surfers Code is updated at 2024-04-01.

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The provider of Surfers Code is E Marx.

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