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Banner of Shadow BoXR

Shadow BoXR

Music-Based Procedural GenerationStylizedSci-fiSportsRhythmFirst-Person3D6DOF
Introducing the ultimate VR rhythm boxing game that will revolutionize your workout routine Shadow BoXR! Immerse yourself in a dynamic and interactive virtual environment that is designed to make you ...
Banner of Dreamland


FuturisticSci-fiAction RPGZombiesFPSActionFirst-PersonController
In Dreamland, you can create personalized avatars that represent your virtual identity within the game. you can explore a vast and visually stunning virtual environment filled with captivating landsca...
Banner of Maze Shooter

Maze Shooter

Dungeon CrawlerActionStrategyFirst-PersonMystery DungeonRPGCasualAdventure
There are 7 installments in the Stellar Echoes series, each with a different gameplay. StellarEchoes:MazeShooter is one of the sequels, where the player travels to a target planet as a new recruit of ...
Banner of ARK: Survival Evolved

Never Battle Alone - Raise Your Own Pet Companions!

Banner of ArcSine


Female ProtagonistPrecision PlatformerArcheryDifficultActionPuzzle PlatformerFirst-Person3D
WILL YOU ENJOY ARCSINE? WHAT TO KNOW BEFORE YOU BUY:ArcSine is a physically active standing experience - No smooth/snap turningGet ready for a memorable challenge - This game will push you hardWatch.....
Banner of GunjamVR


CombatFuturisticMusic-Based Procedural GenerationGame DevelopmentMinimalistStylizedSci-fiFPS
Step into a world where rhythm meets precision in this adrenaline-pumping VR game. GunjamVR is an electrifying fusion of music, lasers, and moving targets that promises an immersive gaming experience....
Banner of TWISTEX


1980sRetroStylizedStrategy6DOFCasualCharacter CustomizationVR
Let's get twisting!!!TWISTEX is a falling block puzzle game with a 'twist'. Made especially for VR, it combines classic gameplay with original new mechanics.CLEAR RINGS, COLORS AND LEVELS...
Banner of Reddie and the Redirected Walker: Module 01 (Alpha)

Reddie and the Redirected Walker: Module 01 (Alpha)

RetroEducationGame DevelopmentParodyStylizedSci-fiFunnyPsychedelic
EXPERIMENT 01.ALPHAThis award winning 5-minute experiment multiplies your 2x2 meter tracking space several times over. We take a human being test subject (YOU) through a wondrous test environment usi....
Banner of Ziggy's Cosmic Adventures

Ziggy's Cosmic Adventures

Join Our DiscordAbout the GameZiggy's Cosmic Adventures is a VR cockpit game combining ship management with action-arcade combat. You are a bounty hunter with possibly questionable morals, currently.....
Banner of Terrain Explorer

Terrain Explorer

Dungeon CrawlerSci-fiActionFirst-Person3DRPGCasualPvE
There are 7 works in the Stellar Echoes series, each with a different gameplay. Terrain Explorer is one of the sequels, in which players travel to the target planet as a recruit to the Interstellar Au...
Banner of Rising Dead

Rising Dead

GoreSandboxAction RPGZombiesFPSActionRPGTime management
Immerse yourself in a heart-pounding survival adventure with "Mall of the Undead," a gripping video game where your wit and survival skills will be put to the test. Trapped within the sprawling labyri...
Banner of Forge & Fortune

Forge & Fortune

SandboxInventory ManagementTradingShop KeeperStrategyFirst-Person3DCrafting
Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Forge & Fortune, a virtual reality tycoon game that transports you to a vibrant medieval setting. As a skilled craftsman and aspiring shopkeeper, you hold ...
Banner of Rune Bender VR

Rune Bender VR

CombatCartoonArena ShooterAction RPGAction RoguelikeActionStrategyFirst-Person
∠ Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping and immersive VR experience that combines fast-paced combat and strategic rune drawing inspired by Slavic mythology. The fate of the sanctuary and the whole world,....
Banner of Communication Breakdown

Communication Breakdown

Asynchronous MultiplayerFuturisticConversationSci-fiActionFunnyStrategy3D
In the face of a catastrophic event onboard a space capsule, you find yourself devoid of the critical knowledge required to restore the malfunctioning systems. The key to resolving this dire situation...
Banner of Real Boxing: Steel Champions VR

Real Boxing: Steel Champions VR

3D FighterStylizedSportsVRMultiplayerIndieSingleplayerPvP
Real Boxing: Steel Champions VR offers a casual VR experience where players get to battle others via fearsome robot boxers:Features:control a robot boxer in third person via a thumbstick and punc...
Banner of Lost Meridian

Lost Meridian

Card BattlerDarkDungeon CrawlerCo-op CampaignAction RoguelikeActionStrategyFirst-Person
Craft the perfect deck in this exciting new 3D roguelike action card game!Lost Meridian is a 3D Deckbuilding game where you and up to 4 friends embark on a quest through magical lands, dark dungeo...
Banner of Space Dream

Space Dream

--- Free Demo ---Space Dream is a Music Visualization experience for Desktop and VR. It is a cosmic adventure that immerses you in a stunning work of art, a celestial world that pulses with life. ...
Banner of SYNCED

Help me choose my next PC game!

Banner of Space Coaster VR

Space Coaster VR

FlightCasualVRSpaceIndieSingleplayerSpace SimSimulation
Jump into hyper speed and hold tight as you experience this galactic ride.Mars, Venus, Earth, the Stars and much more as you dive deeper into space.Remember the galaxy is vast and your journey s...
Banner of Le corps-glitch (multitudes)

Le corps-glitch (multitudes)

Sci-fi3DVRNonlinearImmersive SimSingleplayerDesign & IllustrationSimulation
A virtual reality experience that highlights potential bodies to merge, change skin, slowly morphing into a hybrid being that connects with plant, animal and technological species. Somewhere in the en...
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