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Piano Detector: Virtual Piano
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All I have to say about this game is... yawn...I'm a huge Pianista fan, and this tragic excuse for a game isn't worth the effort. If you want an outstanding rhythm game, you want Pianista. It's the very best rhythm game I've ever played. There are 4 skill levels so you can play where it's comfortable for you. The scores are exceptionally well arranged, and are very challenging. Go dl Pianista. I promise you won't be disappointed.
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Best Rhythm game that I know
The game is super easy to understand and catch up since it's new, the UI is clean, love the design of the interface. Game is fun, if you are a rhythm player, you should try this game, if you're not... Well try it once, who know, you might like it :)
My current favorite rhythm game. Beginner friendly.  Music are all really nice. Don't let the cute art style fool you though, it can be very challenging. Got it when it was on sale and you can further unlock all future content for a discounted price. This is essential to support the game devs. I just didn't like some of the 'fan service'. Overall this game is worth checking out!
Twas a good game. But i have three flaws to point out. 1st, the notes and the gameplay itself, like, is it rushed? Because it feels like it is. It feels bad and had no lateral flow. The 'catch' notes feel so bad even playing infinity heaven on this game feels bad too(i swear every rhythm game with infinity heaven are good but not this time) it feels really Ai-generated. 2nd, the music. The music is played throught tracks that if enabled, will be notes in the gameplay. And IT IS DEFAULTED TO THE DAMNED PIANO.(you can configure it.) I want the actual songs not some shitty medley i get to hear.
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