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Touhou Mix: A Touhou Project M
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40 View2024-01-25
Twas a good game. But i have three flaws to point out.
1st, the notes and the gameplay itself, like, is it rushed? Because it feels like it is. It feels bad and had no lateral flow. The 'catch' notes feel so bad even playing infinity heaven on this game feels bad too(i swear every rhythm game with infinity heaven are good but not this time) it feels really Ai-generated.
2nd, the music. The music is played throught tracks that if enabled, will be notes in the gameplay. And IT IS DEFAULTED TO THE DAMNED PIANO.(you can configure it.) I want the actual songs not some shitty medley i get to hear.
3rd, the settings, they are way too technical and they dont save, most of the time. At least the hex for the colors have a color indicator, unlike cytoid!
I wouldve liked it if it was something like malody(excluding the amount of gamemodes to play at malody)
Still, the amount of songs available to you from the get go is alot. the touhou songs, to be exact. But the gameplay is just so weirdly generic, bland, and rushed.
I have good experience with rhythm games. Most of the games i play are good. But this? Mix of meh and nah.
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Seems great, game style is unique from what I think about other rhythm games, I like the little hints? graphics? When hitting a note, tho I wouldn't say anything about the sounds/musics, as Idk how that would affect anything to my review
I have my share of Rhythm Games from osu! in PC to Cytus in Mobile and most of them found a way to make their game unique than the others and this game hits that spot. The music is great. It gives you an atmosphere that you are a true musician and that really helped with the immersion. The story is nice too since not all the new games that comes out has a good storyline that helps the gameplay hook you in. Graphics are also pleasing and it really helps the overall feel of the game. But, since  the game is still in beta, it still has imperfections.
I love rhythm games, and this one takes the cake for original play style. It's takes a bit to get uses to the controls but it's not bad and is pretty fun to play once you get uses to it. I also love the story, art, characters, amd music. It's all very beautiful. The only thing I don't really like is the hub. Other than that this game is really fun to play.
Isaiah Montoya2K2023-10-12
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