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Concerto on White
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2K View2023-10-12
I love rhythm games, and this one takes the cake for original play style. It's takes a bit to get uses to the controls but it's not bad and is pretty fun to play once you get uses to it. I also love the story, art, characters, amd music. It's all very beautiful. The only thing I don't really like is the hub. Other than that this game is really fun to play.
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Best Rhythm game that I know
The game is super easy to understand and catch up since it's new, the UI is clean, love the design of the interface. Game is fun, if you are a rhythm player, you should try this game, if you're not... Well try it once, who know, you might like it :)
It has a potential to be a rhythm game although, the optimization needs a little work. The game crashes over time after some few taps or few songs but the story is interesting enough to keep me playing and the gameplay, yeah it still needs work.
My current favorite rhythm game. Beginner friendly.  Music are all really nice. Don't let the cute art style fool you though, it can be very challenging. Got it when it was on sale and you can further unlock all future content for a discounted price. This is essential to support the game devs. I just didn't like some of the 'fan service'. Overall this game is worth checking out!
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