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Somnolent: Action RPG Fantasy
A full 3D action-RPG on mobile that would be impressive if it ever stopped crashing

A full 3D action-RPG on mobile that would be impressive if it ever stopped crashing

1K View2023-05-17
The first thing that came to mind when I loaded into Somnolent for the first time was the PlayStation 2. This game's chunky, low-detail models reminded me perfectly of games from that era. And it's an era I loved, so I was immediately in the mood to fall for Somnolent!
My first hour or so was promising too. This is a full 3D action-RPG that honestly looks and feels pretty great. Even using touch controls, I was able to get into a good flow of combat and didn't have too many problems with the game's platforming challenges. I started leveling up quickly, and the game throws loot at the player like crazy, which is a blast.
Sadly, the good times didn't last. Even playing on my fairly powerful Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, Somnolent was shockingly unstable. Almost every time the game went into a cutscene or loaded into a new area, it would crash and require a restart, often with me losing some progress along the way.
As if the crashes weren't enough, once I'd finished up the tutorial area, I had to open up a map to select the next part of the world to teleport to. Unfortunately, every time I did this the game just locked up. I simply could not move to the next part of the game. After six or seven attempts, I gave up and uninstalled. I really wanted to like Somnolent, and I hope they're able to fix this up and make it playable in the future, but right now it's just a big mess.
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Somnolent: Action RPG Fantasy - An OKAY Attempt, But Needs More Work!
I recently played Somnolent and honestly I have pretty mixed feelings about it so far. The combat is okay, I like that there is no auto combat in the game, but I did find the dodge to be weird and sometimes you would dodge in the wrong direction, which happened a few times on the dungeon boss causing me to die a few times. There are a lot of visual glitches in the game, lots of flickering when I played and also there is zero voice acting. Also you can't skip in game cinematics. So you are forced to sit through dialogue that may or may not interest you. The game also takes a long time to load at times, and I even had to force quit out of the game at one point because I was stuck on the loading screen when entering the first dungeon.
Somnolent: Action RPG Fantasy - Not QUITE THERE Yet!
Somnolent: Action RPG Fantasy is a newly released game that, before I begin I should mention it is region locked to the US, France, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Russia, Saudi Arabia. and can only be downloaded through the Google Play store. So before you even think of playing this game you need to be either from those regions or use a VPN and download the game using a google account that is from those regions.
Sora Synn2K2023-05-16
Somnolent: Action RPG Fantasy Gameplay Walkthrough (Android, iOS) - Part 1
Somnolent: Action RPG Fantasy Gameplay Walkthrough (Android, iOS) - Part 1 Somnolent: Action RPG Fantasy is now soft launched on Android and coming soon on iOS. You can download from Google Playstore and iOS Apple Appstore. Game Mode: Online Size : 2 GB Device : S23 Ultra Like and subscribe for more awesome gaming videos for Android and iOS. ---------------------------------------- Join Our Discord Server ►► https://discord.gg/hXRHKjV
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