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🎮Feature Introduction:union-House Battle🎇(Part. 2/2)

🎮Feature Introduction:union-House Battle🎇(Part. 2/2)

3K View2023-07-15
🔧[Basic rules]
1.House battle is raised for each four weeks, After collecting three weeks of Union War points ranking information, will be started at the fourth week.
2.House Battle is divided into two stages: Preliminary and Finals, Preliminary starts at Friday of the event week, Finals starts at Sunday of the event week
3.Unions that being selected, system will automatically sign up for Union members, members needs to select Project group and line-up at9:00~20:50
4.Members that haven't select group and line-up, system will match up random Project group and highest C.P. line-up
5.Formal start time:21:00
🔧[Bet rules]
1.All trainers in the same cross server group are able to participate betting(Including trainers in House Battle)
2.Preliminary and Finals are able to bet
Trainers can bet four times on Preliminary stage(Once for each battle group), target of betting is Unions that could advance to Finals
Trainers can bet one time on Final stage, target of betting is Union that win the
3.Betting needs Union coins, each bets on Preliminary cost 300 Union coins, betting on Finals cost 1500 coins
4.Trainers that participate betting will get rewards, which is sent by mail
🔧[Reward rules]
1.After House battle ends, all rewards will be issued by mail
2.House Battle is battle of honor with Union as a unit, Union ranking rewards will be sent to all members that participated House Battle
3.Unions that participated Preliminary and Final could get one rewards
4.The champion Union can get the highest honor display in the cross server group
5. {oints ranking rewards please check below
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