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EA FC 24 Mobile: Beta, Release Date, Regions, Features and Platforms

EA FC 24 Mobile: Beta, Release Date, Regions, Features and Platforms

5K View2023-08-02
The EA FC Mobile limited beta has been unveiled by EA Sports, however, it's currently accessible to players in select regions and on specific devices.

Transitioning from FIFA to EA Sports FC

EA Sports' FIFA series is gradually becoming history as the company introduces its new game series, EA Sports FC. The first installment of this fresh series will be EA FC 24, set to replace its predecessor on platforms including PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. The much-anticipated release is expected later this year.
In line with tradition, a distinct mobile version of the game will be launched - the EA FC Mobile. This imminent release promises an exciting gaming experience for mobile gamers.

A Sneak Peek into EA FC 24 Mobile

Although the mobile version of EA FC 24 may not encompass all the intricacies of its console counterparts, it does promise a host of new gameplay mechanics based on the limited beta released. This seems to indicate a significant upgrade from FIFA 23 Mobile.

How to Download EA FC 24 Mobile Beta: Eligibility and Process

Via an official blog post, EA confirmed that Android users can now download the limited beta for EA FC Mobile. However, only players located in Canada, Malaysia, Australia, and Romania can access and download this beta via Google Play Store.
For iOS users, access to the beta is through a restricted Testflight link as announced by EA. Players are encouraged to keep tabs on their social channels for updates on future link drops. The availability window for this beta extends until Thursday, August 31.

Exciting New Features in EA FC 24 Mobile

The limited beta of EA FC Mobile comes packed with several new features that are sure to pique player interest. Similar to past demos released for FIFA titles, gamers will have access to licensed teams during their playthroughs. Teams featured in this beta include Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur among others.
In conclusion, gamers should eagerly anticipate this game not just because it's a fresh take on football gaming but also because they'll soon be able to download it via TapTap. With its expected release date drawing closer each day and its promising content already creating waves in select regions and platforms - there's plenty for gamers worldwide to look forward to.

Unveiling the New Features of EA FC Mobile 2023/24 Season

The nine teams in EA FC Mobile will showcase their brand-new kits for the 2023/24 season. Players will also gain access to an array of exciting features:
- Preseason Beta Event incorporating Skill Games and Matches
- VS Attack and Head to Head modes
- The Locker Room feature
- Revamped Gameplay Controls
- Refreshed Menus and User Interface (UI)
- Updated Audio Commentary for a more immersive experience
- Login Bonus Rewards
In addition to these content updates, EA FC Mobile will also introduce new gameplay changes.

Gameplay Changes in EA FC 24 Mobile Beta

Here are some of the innovative gameplay changes you can expect in the limited beta:
Dynamic Game Speed
The game speed has been fine-tuned to allow for a more realistic flow, providing players with a more authentic gaming experience.
Elite Shooting System
A revamped shot system offers realistic trajectories and rewards strategic shooting decisions, mimicking real-life football dynamics.
True Player Personality
Player traits are authentically represented with greater impact on attributes and increased animation diversity.
Immersive Broadcast Experience
Enhanced goal replays and dynamic camera angles bring players closer to the action than ever before.
Impact Controls
New controls such as Power Shot, Hard Tackle, and Knock-On give players greater command over pitch actions.

Beta Testing & Feedback Mechanism

Beta testing is crucial for EA Sports as it allows them to gather player feedback, identify bugs or issues, and resolve them before the official game release. Players encountering any technical glitches or bugs are encouraged to report them via beta forums.
Please note that since this is a beta version, in-game purchases have been disabled. Additionally, there will be no reward videos or offer walls available during this phase. Also important is that no progression or account information from the beta version will be transferred into the live game.
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