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Anticipated Release of EA FC 24 Beta: A Comprehensive Guide

Anticipated Release of EA FC 24 Beta: A Comprehensive Guide

5K View2023-08-02
EA Sports is preparing to launch the EA FC 24 beta for consoles, following the recent initiation of the mobile beta. This article will guide you through the process of obtaining an access code to participate in this closed beta testing phase, a successor to FIFA 24.
After wrapping up the FIFA series, EA Sports is embarking on a new journey with EA FC 24. They are seeking a select group of players who can provide valuable feedback and help fine-tune the new features and gameplay mechanics.
The enticing part? You have a chance to sign up as a beta tester and experience the game before its official release on September 22 (Ultimate Edition).

Live Action: EA FC 24 Mobile Beta

Based on glimpses of the mobile beta, we anticipate that the console beta launch for EA FC 24 is imminent. With new gameplay footage available, excitement is mounting for the console Beta release. This article will guide you on when it's expected to start and how you can get involved.

EA FC 24 Beta: Expected Launch Date & Platforms

Drawing from past FIFA betas' start dates, we've constructed an estimate of when this year's beta may commence. According to our invitation from EA, participants need a console (Xbox or PlayStation) with internet access – there were no indications of an EA FC 24 beta debut on PC or Switch.

EA FC 24 Beta Release Dates and Duration

FIFA 18    August 10, 2017 – August 20, 2017
FIFA 19    August 10, 2018 – August 22, 2018
FIFA 20    August 9, 2019 – August 21, 2019
FIFA21    August14,2020–September1,2020
FIFA22    August12,2021–September2,2021
FIFA23    August11,2022–September2,2022
EAFC24    August10,2023–September2,2023

Getting Your Hands on an EAFC24 Beta Code: Sign Up Process

The pre-launch version focuses on refining final details before its official debut. However important to note that only a select number of individuals will receive an invite to participate in this closed beta testing phase. To register your interest visit EA playtesting website and sign up using your existing EA account login details.
To qualify as a potential tester:
• Reside in either United States or United Kingdom
• Be at least 18 years old
• Own a console (PS4/5 or Xbox One/Series X|S)
• Have stable Internet connection & subscription services (PS Plus/Xbox Live)
Your selection odds increase by keeping your contact information updated. Log into your account via link provided or click image below; navigate to "Account Settings" and tick box saying "Yes" to receiving updates consistent with EA Privacy and Cookie Policy.
Also ensure all FIFA games including EA FC are selected under "Preferred Games", along with your platform choice.

What’s New in EA Sports FC24 Beta? Modes & Features Overview

From previous experiences we know that different aspects are open for testing during these phases. Some testers will focus on identifying bugs within gameplay while others will explore various modes such as Ultimate Team—experimenting with new menus/features including new pack opening animations.
If you're fortunate enough to be selected for the EA FC24 beta test phase you'll gain access to several game modes like Kick-Off Online Seasons Friendlies plus at least one additional mode such as Pro Clubs Career Mode Volta or FUT.
Remember it's not just about signing up—EA also has final say in participant selection.
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