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EA Sports FC 24 Early Access: How to Gain Access to the New FIFA

EA Sports FC 24 Early Access: How to Gain Access to the New FIFA

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Are you an ardent gamer eager to play EA Sports FC ahead of the crowd? Get insights on how to secure early access to EA FC 24 and jumpstart your FUT season. Leaked information reveals the exact release date for early access to EA Sports FC, the forthcoming FIFA game.

Release Date for EA Sports FC

Devoted FIFA enthusiasts are keenly awaiting the launch of EA Sports FC, the successor in the EA series, aiming for an early edge in the upcoming FUT season. The game is slated for a Fall 2023 release as the official sequel to the FIFA series. It will be accessible on a variety of platforms including PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One, PC (EA App, Stadia & Steam), Epic Games, and Nintendo Switch.
While recent years have seen a lack of official demo versions for FIFA fans, this year brings potential reasons for EA to reconsider and reintroduce a free demo for EA Sports FC. Even if a demo doesn't materialize, there are several ways to experience FIFA 24– or rather, EA FC 24 – prior to its official launch.
But first, let's provide you with the download link for EA Sports FC 24 beta APK android. Just click on the green button 'available' and you will be able to download the beta version of this game.

Securing Pre-Release Access To EA FC 24: Your Guide To Early Access

To provide you with an advantage, we'll outline all available options for securing early access to EA FC. Please note that these times are estimates since EA has yet to announce their official schedule for this upcoming game.

How to Join EA Playtesting For EA Sports FC: The Alpha Version

Beginning your journey with what seems like a distant possibility: Yes! You can indeed become a playtester for EA via their website. This opportunity allows you to engage with the game before most others and collaborate with EA during their final development stages.
Playtesters offer invaluable feedback that helps developers refine and polish the game - isn't that every gamer's dream come true? However, gaining access to alpha versions of EA games requires some luck as only a select few get this opportunity. You can register on the EA playtesting website.
If you think signing up guarantees immediate gameplay of new EA FC, think again! Once accepted into this program, regular feedback is expected from you regarding not just FIFA or EA FC but across all games. If your focus is solely on early access to EA FC, opting for beta version might be more suitable.

How to Join The Beta Version Of EA FC 24: Limited Demo

Participation in beta testing is more feasible than being among alpha testers. This pre-release version aims at fine-tuning final details before its official launch ensuring we receive an impressive first edition of EA FC.
However, it's important noting that only a limited number will receive invitations and get a chance participating in closed beta testing. We've compiled detailed guidelines for those interested in registering as participants in the beta version:

How to Get Web App & Companion App For EASFC: Kickstarting Your FUT Journey

These apps are popular choices among players seeking an early start in their favorite mode - Ultimate Team. Here you can open your initial packs, customize your starting lineup and engage with transfer market before others do so or complete initial SBCs earning bonuses.
Yearly engagement proves beneficial despite these apps not allowing new gameplay tests.
To use Web App without login issues on PC or smartphone browser ensure:
• An active account exists in FUT 23 created before August 2023
• No registration exists on any platform other than original one
• No banned accounts
Failure meeting these criteria might result in registration issues at earliest possible time. In such cases contact EA Help Support immediately requesting assistance ensuring smooth launch preparations!
Find the new Web App once available using provided link while Companion App typically becomes downloadable on smartphones few days after Web App's availability. Stay tuned here as we update any information released by EA about new apps!

EA Play Trial: Experience Ten Hours Of Gameplay Before Official Release

The paid subscription service by EA also provides special bonus allowing early gameplay (not only) of EASFC earlier than scheduled release date if procedures followed mirror those of FIFA 23 where regular membership sufficed over pricier Pro version providing early gameplay opportunities.
Subscription costs $/£3.99 per month ($/£14.99 for EA Play Pro), making it a worthwhile investment for a month in September, which can be canceled afterward. However, a significant drawback is that the early access for EA Play in FIFA 23 coincided with the release of the Ultimate Edition, eliminating any real advantage if you've pre-ordered the pricier version.
So, your choice should be EITHER to pre-order the Ultimate Edition OR activate the EA Play membership! You can find more information on EA Play's official page: EA Play.

Ultimate Edition: Pre-Order For Early Gameplay

This remains the best option to ensure early gameplay. EA has thoughtfully designed ways to deliver their premium version to players.
Pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition will cost you $/£99.99 but along with FIFA Points, you'll receive a loan player of Kylian Mbappé's caliber, a special card for FUT, extra bonuses and most importantly, three-day early access. This makes it almost essential for all FUT enthusiasts.
However, it's worth noting that success in FUT doesn't necessarily require additional spending. Starting your FUT journey as early as September 27 (as per FIFA 23), while most players begin on September 30th does provide an edge.
Pre-orders will be available in FIFA 23 menu during summer (latest by end of August) and purchases can be made then. A tip: If quick access is what you're after, opt for digital pre-ordering. It will appear as a download in your respective store and you won't have to wait for postal or courier delivery of physical CDs.
If luck is on your side, perhaps FIFA will release one month early on your platform... You'll then be among global pioneers getting first-hand experience of EA Sports FC. If not, we'll monitor all portals and options providing early access to EA Sports FC because we share your enthusiasm!
Finally, gamers should note that they will also be able to download this highly anticipated game from TapTap once it becomes available.
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