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Rumble Heroes : Adventure RPG
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628 View2023-08-04
Adventure game with a simple concept and artwork. Initially we only had 1 nakama to accompany the adventure. As the level increases, the nakama can increase, but you have to upgrade in training ground. Has 2 kinds of upgrades, blue gems for ordinary, red gems for special skills. Red gems can be obtained from dungeons. Some buildings and features have different level requirements.
Thanks and see you next game...
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relaxing game that has the concept of bringing nakama to defeat monsters in dungeons, each dungeon has a completion time of between 10-15 minutes.  each weapon also has different skills and evolution items.  each nakama also has various support items and weapons. the minus of this game is the slow leveling, so the 7 day mission is not completed because some of the level achievement missions are not completed, weapon items are hard to get, so you cannot try various weapon skills. 
* Language: English, Japanese, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Spanish, Italian * Network: Unnecessary (Offline cannot purchase in store) * Login restriction: No ----------- + Large map to explore + Back stab is cool + Watch ads to get double rewards or unlock story backgrounds (optional) - Model penetration is a serious problem, especially with large weapons such as the great katana.
All new action game to play, this is so exciting I can't wait to play!
The characters of this game are anime which is why I liked this game. I love playing and watching anime like this one. This game is also in 3D which I enjoyed, I can’t stop playing this one because it is so fun! In this game everyone is an enemy, so you need to have good tactics in order for you to win in every battle. When you win in a battle it will make your character much stronger.
Electric Player4K2023-09-02
Nine Sols
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