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Hypermon - Evolution
šŸŽŠMain Events This Week AnnouncementšŸŽ‡

šŸŽŠMain Events This Week AnnouncementšŸŽ‡

983 View2023-09-21
ā­Rewards for Elite Stage Challengeļ¼ˆSep 22nd-Sep 23rdļ¼‰
ā­Purchase Coupon Eventļ¼ˆSep 22nd-Sep 24thļ¼‰
ā­Purchase Lucky Wheelļ¼ˆSep 22nd-Sep 24thļ¼‰
ā­Rune extraction And Rewardsļ¼ˆSep 22nd-Sep 24thļ¼‰
ā­Chip Drawļ¼ˆSep 22nd-Sep 24thļ¼‰
ā­Shard Conversionļ¼ˆSep 22nd-Sep 24thļ¼‰
ā­Runestone Converterļ¼ˆSep 22nd-Sep 24thļ¼‰
ā­Double Treasure Pot rewards(first 10 times)ļ¼ˆSep 24thļ¼‰
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šŸŽŠMain Events This Week AnnouncementšŸŽŠ
ā­Rewards for Elite Stage Challenge (Jul 14-Jul 15) During the period from July 14 to July 15, players participating in the Elite Stage Challenge in game will be able to enjoy enhanced rewards. ā­Purchase Coupon Event (Jul 14-Jul 16) Earn yourselves some purchase coupon to exchange what you want, do not miss out on the coupon event. ā­Purchase Lucky Wheel (Jul 14-Jul 16) ā­Runestone up and Exchange Event
šŸŽŠMain Events This Week AnnouncementšŸŽŠ
ā­Challenge Rewards for Normal Stagesļ¼ˆJul 21st-Jul22ndļ¼‰ During the period from July 21st to July 22nd, players participating in the Normal Stage Challenge in game will be able to enjoy enhanced rewards. ā­Double gold coins in Aether Paradiseļ¼ˆJul 22nd-Jul23rdļ¼‰ ā­Surprise red drawļ¼ˆJul 21st-Jul23rdļ¼‰ ā­Gashapon Machineļ¼ˆJul 21st-Jul23rdļ¼‰ ā­Courtesy of Elemental Challengeļ¼ˆJul 22nd-Jul23rdļ¼‰ ā­Z Awaken Packļ¼ˆJul 21st-Jul23rdļ¼‰
šŸšØMain Events for This Week AnnouncementšŸšØ
āœ… Double Gold Coins at Aether Paradise (June 24th): Enjoy the special offer of double gold coins at Aether Paradise! This limited-time event will provide you with an excellent opportunity to gather more wealth. āœ… Recharge Extra Diamonds (June 23rd - June 25th): Reap the benefits of additional diamonds when you recharge during this time frame. Don't miss out on this chance to obtain extra diamonds for your in-game adventures.
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