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mo.co first impressions

mo.co first impressions

640 View2023-10-27
Just uploaded my first impressions vid for mo.co Gameplay 😊 Looks nice!
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You know what? I haven't been this excited for a long long time! This is from Supercell, with some sort of role-playing game. Destroying monsters, upgrading, getting loot, getting items, crafting, it's a dream come true!! So, here's a lot on the map and kill some monsters. There are also lists of missions so that's the thing I also look out for when I'm starting a game. The control is on the lower left of the screen having a navigator, which easily moves the character. I have so much to look out for when this game has finally been released to my region!
games good happy I got the link to test play beta :) il do a better review once I get in to it more:) first match 22kills
Full review my Youtube Channel video li🎮 Gameplay: nk
solo levelling gamers672024-04-08
Myth: Gods of Asgard
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Seven Knights Idle Adventure
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Dusk of Dragons: Survivors
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ARCANE RUSH: Battlegrounds
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Mojo Melee: pvp auto chess
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