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EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile Soccer
EAFC 24 is a step in the right direction for sports-based mobile games.

EAFC 24 is a step in the right direction for sports-based mobile games.

3K View2023-12-12
It is not wrong to say that this game is a MASSIVE step-up for EA SPORTS from their last football game (FIFA 23).
Difficulty has been amped due to how the overall feel of the gameplay has changed - goalkeepers feel like an actual threat to the attacking teams, and using methods like cross-spamming and lobbing aren't as exploitative and annoying as before.
Soundtrack choices are stellar as usual, with more underrated picks being considered that have also consistently made my Spotify weekly recommendations playlist. So, there's that. Oh, and the game is very generous too, giving out gems and players literally every two or three days.
Hope to play this game till the end.
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Great game, but they need to add custom formations instead of a bunch of locked pre made formations.


AF37 Author

Custom formations would be fun as a concept, just not sure if that's any good for the meta....


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Bro, the goalkeepers in this game are straight-up beasts! Love it.


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Maybe This Time It Worth The shot I ve been Playing it For The Last Couple Of days And I can Assure You You Need To play it Before Playing EA Fc24. The Game Is slow Not Fast You Need To Be Fast And Skillful Because The Defenders Has The Advantage On Your Attackers. It Has The Most Beautiful Thing You don't To Pay To Win. You Just Need To Play More And Earn Players To Develop Them. The Servers Are Stable The Game Is smooth I Play On High Graphics On my 1660Ti On 1920 * 1080 Screen Resolution With No Problem At All.
Hareth Albana2K2023-09-26
EA Sports FC Mobile 24 - Build Your DREAM TEAM and Win BIG!
🎮 Game: EA Sports FC Mobile 24 🍭 Platform: Available Android | iOS ✨ Genre: Sports | Soccer | Multiplayer | Simulation 🏅EA Sports FC Mobile 24 is OUT NOW! Available for the global audience, and I recently tried it out. The game is so much fun, and I still am enjoying it very much. I actually played this during the beta and it was also very well polished during that time. Now that it is released, the game feels of a very high quality and will be a lot of fun for all who are interested in these types of games
Sora Synn2K2023-09-27
EA Sports FC 24 - This BRAND NEW Soccer Game Is SO MUCH FUN!
EA Sports FC 24 is finally out, and I had the pleasure of playing it on PC through Steam. This game was so intense and fun. Especially thanks to the sound effects during matches. I highly recommend it.
Sora Synn3K2023-10-01
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