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Alien Food Invasion (2024) Gameplay

Alien Food Invasion (2024) Gameplay

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Alien Food Invasion (2023) Gameplay Walkthrough (Android & iOS) Part 01 | No Commentary
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Defeat the most delicious alien invasion ever!
They came from the depths of a galaxy far, far away. Their plan: wipe out humanity. But from the moment they landed on your farm, everything went wrong! This is the story of a failed invasion and a great alien BBQ.
Improve your family and your farm, hunt down aliens and create delicious meals to sell them to your hungry customers. Control your beloved family members in exciting missions with trigger happy Edward, his heavily armed wife Grace and their axe wielding daughter Liz. Become rich, famous and well fed. It's time to defeat the alien invasion!
* fight evil aliens in 200 delicious missions
* level up and upgrade your family members
* discover powerful equipment
* explore 45 crazy weapons
* collect 50 tasty alien dishes
* improve your weapons, armor and your food creations
* plunder alien tech to increase your afk idle loot
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Alien Food Invasion is a unique game where players hunt aliens to serve them as food. The story is unique, as it takes place after a foiled alien invasion... and humans found that the aliens are actually tasty so they're hunting them down as ingredients. The players will play as a family who owns a farm and aim to become famous for their alien-based food. Gameplay is pretty straightforward and easy to understand, however, there is a paywall. Crystal drop rate is very low, and it's easier to buy the crystals and use them to upgrade recipes than just grinding them out and playing until one drops. Weapons also feel a bit Pay-to-win as well.
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Alien Food Invasion has you journey with Edward and his fam as they stop an alien invasion and build their family business. Story (★★★☆☆) ✔️ Unique storyline with a wacky vibe Gameplay (★★★☆☆) ✔️ A Soul-Knight-esque mashup of game elements (a shooter, survival and management game) ✔️ 3 characters who specialise in different weapons (suitable in different situations) ✔️ Easy to pick up ❌ Repetitive gameplay
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