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⚠️TapTap Announcement :

⚠️TapTap Announcement :

66 View2024-01-25
Old players downloading the TapTap version need to log in with the Sunny Games account first in order to saved your game data‼️
New Players can simply choose to log in with the Mooncake Games account!!
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Update notice
Hi, we updated version 1.3.2!  Now the game is a standalone TapTap version Add some important updates: 1 · TapTap account binding and login 2. Add in-game friends and visit each other's restaurant 3 · Some new facilities and decorations that you will enjoy Because of the account binding function, old users may lose their account after the update. If you want to continue to play the old version, you can go to Google Play to download our game, you will find that the account data is still there, don't worry. Hope you have fun, if you have any questions, you can contact us ~
Panda Noodle9152023-08-28
How to Save data game to Taptap?
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