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The Finals New Update Is Insane

The Finals New Update Is Insane

67 View2024-02-29
Welcome to the Smoking Guns event!

Mosey into Old West Monaco with a limited loadout and duke it out like the gunslingers and outlaws of the old silver screen! Is Monaco an Arena large enough for all of you? Only one way to find out. We’re also bringing back a gamemode from early beta: Single Round Tournament! In this game mode four teams enter the Arena at once and compete against each other in a single round. Add to this the brand new look of Monaco and the limited loadouts and it’s sure to be a show for the sponsors!

There's also a full set of rewarded contracts for you to complete!

Alongside update 1.10 we’re running our first Collaborative Community Event! We’re challenging all of you to collectively cashout $ in one week, and if you do it - you’re all getting a reward! :hug_friend:  There might be a few lucky ones among you who’ll bring home a t-shirt as well 👀
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