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Star Survivor
An Intense Sci-fi Arcade Bullet Hell Experience

An Intense Sci-fi Arcade Bullet Hell Experience

157 View2024-03-11
Star Survivor is a fun sci-fi reverse bullet hell roguelite with a Slay the Spire-inspired campaign, several challenging game modes, and over 350 weapons and upgrades to discover.
Gameplay: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10
Controls: 8/10
Monetization: 10/10
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This game has received a lot of attention because it has amazing graphics, fun gameplay, and an inte
A game that's an exhilarating and captivating game that takes players on an intergalactic journey unlike any other. Set in a distant future where space exploration has become a common occurrence, Star Survivor thrusts players into the role of a courageous space adventurer. As the protagonist, your mission is to navigate treacherous cosmic landscapes, encounter alien civilizations, and ultimately survive in a hostile, ever-evolving universe.
Star Survivor:Premium | Launch Countdown | Day 1 πŸ“£
"Are, you, ready, to, shake?"  Embark on an endless and mysterious star journey! Star Survivor, an epic sc-fi action roguelike bullet heaven, will release globally on Dec 12 on mobile. 🌌 Deckbuilding Strategy - mix different weapons' upgrades in 4 quadrants for directional, random, and auto-targeting weapons 🌌 8 Ships - Become the Mothership, level up by taking damage, or hide under the shadow cloak
Star Survivor Pre-register Now Available on Mobile!
Mobile users can now pre-register Star Survivor:Premium on their devices from Google Play & App Store now! It’s a rogue-lite + survivors + asteroids mashup game! Exterminate as many alien drones as you can. Upgrade your ship from the crafted deck of equipment and power-ups. You are the Last ship against the Endless... Will your choices be enough to overcome the thousands hunting you? [Game Features]
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