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Rush Minutes Grand Launch Carnival

Rush Minutes Grand Launch Carnival

59 View2024-03-20
🎉 Exclusive Limited-Time Event – Free Yellow Duck Outfit!🎉
The Taptap version will be released at 10:00 AM on March 21st (GMT+8). To celebrate the official launch on TapTap, we're rolling out a top-notch limited-time event! Just download the game now and participate in continuous log in will get a free permanent costume of the Yellow Duck !
🎁 Event Highlights:
- LOG IN and snag the limited-edition Yellow Duck Outfit
- Complete Daily Task in game to unlock even more free coins
This event is a blink-and-you-miss-it kind of deal! Amp up your character and make your adventure even more epic! 🌟✨
And hey, don't forget to bring your friends along for the ride – the more, the merrier on this thrilling adventure! 👫🚀
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🎉App Store Available Now - Join the Grand Launch Carnival🎉
😍To celebrate the official launch of our game in App Store, we're rolling out a top-notch limited-time event! Just download the game now and participate in continuous log in will get tons of Free Gift! ⏰Event Time: 3.22.2024-4.4.2024(GMT+8) IOS Version ONLY 🔗Event Link: https://apps.apple.com/app/id6475708664?eventid=6478998827 🎁 Event Highlights: - LOG IN and snag the permanent outfits and weapons.
Rush Minutes: Online Shooter742024-03-25
Goose Goose Duck Update | v3.06 The Carnival
The Carnival Out Now 🎪 Come one, Come All, to The Carnival! Step right up to the spectacular experience of the Carnival! The latest destination of Goose Goose Duck! The Carnival: A crumbling carnival that should be shutdown for unsafe rides is now Open to the Public! Rollercoaster Wacky Wheel of Effects Rabbits New Roles! Survivalist: If the Pelican and Falcon are dead, if you are in the final 3 players, a countdown begins. If the survivalist is alive at the end of the countdown, Geese win! Lobbyist: You can kill once every time you collect enough votes.
Chris - Gaggle Studios9582024-04-03
Join TapTap x Goose Goose Duck community event and win Steam gift cards
Goose Goose Duck hit the Steam charts as the No. 3 most-played game earlier this year. With more than 45 roles, 7 maps, 5 game modes, and in-game voice chat, this game is definitely a must-play for social deduction game lovers. Play the game today and join our special community event! How to Participate 1. Visit here to join the event: 2. Nominate your favorite role (goose/duck) in Goose Goose Duck and tell us why you like it.
TapTap Editor1K2023-03-13
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
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Wuthering Waves
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Among Us
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Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Mobile
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Honkai: Star Rail
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