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Legend City
enjoy the game~ bro

enjoy the game~ bro

13 View2024-05-13
Very well done!.. a game that will keep you busy in many directions, warning: can be addictive! Myself and friends have caught ourselves going through the entire night not putting it down. But like many games $$$ money buys privileges and advancement, so if you are a strategist, be aware of of the azzhats that like to pour a fortune into it rather than the time and bully everyone else. ..... but.... that's any e-game. I like it I'm staying with it ... and enlisting my friends .... ENJOY.
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Pretty fun game I had so much fun playing this game and I think you will to
flip tricks loves u3072023-11-11
Nice game and quite addictive as I was always just busy playing this game in the lockdown😅it has been really a very good time for me with my friends playing this game!
Son Goku9442023-05-19
One of the best games that i ever played entire life.. Keep it up! Never get bored
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