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The Top 50 Must-Try Games in Strategy

The Top 50 Must-Try Games in Strategy

5K View2024-06-22
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Top 1: PUBG Mobile
Description: Popular amongst Action gamers now.
Top 2: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Description: Popular amongst Word gamers now.
Top 3: TFT: Teamfight Tactics
Description: Don’t miss what’s trending for Strategy gamers.
Top 4: PUBG Mobile VN
Description: Popular amongst Tower Defense gamers now.
Top 5: Pokémon UNITE
Description: Whoa. Anime gamers are all talking about this one.
Top 6: Clash of Clans
Description: This is a very good game. I didn't get bored... more than 5 years playing. Really the best game.
Top 7: Identity V
Description: Identity V boasts impressive skins, intriguing story, and lovely collaborations. Its multi-device accessibility and pleasing graphics make it a commendable choice".
Top 8: T3 Arena
Description: T3 Arena offers thrilling, fast-paced gameplay, diverse heroes, and a refreshing lack of pay-to-win. Highly recommended for mobile gaming enthusiasts!
Top 9: Clash Mini
Description: Clash Mini lets you strategically battle with miniature characters from the famous Clash universe, unlocking new strategies, resources, and attacks at each level.
Top 10: Jujutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade
Description: Ranked Top 10 on the iOS Popular Chart.
Top 11: Onmyoji Arena
Description: A definite must-play for MOBA fans, rich in unique characters and f2p friendly with abundant events, fast matchmaking, and a strong community.
Top 12: Arena of Valor
Description: A great online multiplayer game with good graphics and interesting characters. A great game to spend time. Suggested to download.
Top 13: Tom and Jerry: Chase
Description: Popular amongst Asymmetrical battle arena gamers now.
Top 14: Arknights
Description: The captivating storyline, unique event structures, and engaging gameplay made Arknights the best gacha game I've ever played.
Top 15: Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel
Description: Card Battler gamers’ top game of the week.
Top 16: Onmyoji
Description: Rich narrative, stunning art style, engaging mechanics; unique, enjoyable experience that keeps players coming back for more.
Top 17: Super Sus
Description: Trending now for Sniper gamers.
Top 18: Tank Company
Description: Good tank game, awesome gameplay for enthusiasts, amazing graphics. Still new, so room for improvements. Bit hard to progress, but quite recommended to play!
Top 19: Blue Archive
Description: Great gameplay, character designs, excellent storyline. Fair gacha rate. Must try! Been playing since 2021 and still loving the game!
Description: Trending now for Build & battle gamers.
Top 21: Call Of Duty: Mobile VN
Description: Experience the globally beloved FPS game with HD graphics and immersive audio, now featuring Season 10's LAPA SMG, new maps, and modes.
Top 22: Clash Royale
Description: Clash Royal keeps your brain sharp, has unique events and rewards, and helps prevent mental breakdowns with its fun gameplay.
Top 23: Plants vs. Zombies™ 2
Description: This is fun, we can explore space and time, but unfortunately, there are no more ways to play/minigame feature like the first version.
Top 24: Knives Out
Description: Fun modes, easy and worthy missions, auto ads feature; a bit competitive matchmaking with some language setting issues.
Top 25: Pokémon GO
Description: I love the gameplay and controls, and how incredibly realistic Pokémon GO is.
Top 26: EA SPORTS FC™ Tactical
Description: Experience strategic, turn-based football with EA SPORTS FC™ Tactical; build and customize your dream team for global online competition.
Top 27: Reverse: 1999
Description: Trending now for Match 3 gamers.
Description: Simplicity mixed with the Marvel IP, a leveled playing field and sure to stay in your library after 5+ hours of enjoyable gameplay!
Top 29: Path to Nowhere
Description: A compelling blend of tower defense, dark storytelling, and strategic depth, boasting unique characters and real-time battles needing quick reflexes.
Top 30: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links
Description: Popular amongst Online Co-Op gamers now.
Top 31: Neural Cloud
Description: A good game, easy and doesn't take much time. Has room for optimization, offers simple gameplay, but needs more male characters.
Top 32: That's Not My Neighbor
Description: Most popular Idle game of the week.
Top 33: Garena AOV : Dragon Kingdom
Description: Whoa. Base Building gamers are all talking about this one.
Top 34: Rise of Kingdoms
Description: Experience real-time battles and RTS gameplay in a seamless world with 11 civilizations, strategic troop movements, and festive Christmas events.
Top 35: Minecraft Legends
Description: Minecraft Legends is a refreshing, distinctively Minecraft take on third-person action-strategy, blending resource gathering, strategic combat, and cooperative mode play in a familiar world.
Top 36: NARUTO X BORUTO Ninja Borutage
Description: Join 'NARUTO X BORUTO' for action-strategy gameplay, building fortresses, iconic character combos, and competitive multiplayer battles.
Top 37: Animal Revolt Battle Simulator
Description: Popular amongst Simulation gamers now.
Top 38: Goose Goose Duck
Description: My favorite role is Birdwatcher, it brings holy satisfaction! It's very OP. Try it out, you will definitely watch their soap operas, hahaha!
Top 39: Higan: Eruthyll
Description: The characters are nice, controls seem easy, dialogues relatable, graphics enticing. Hopes high for availability this year.
Top 40: World of Tanks Blitz
Description: Most popular Team-Based game of the week.
Top 41: League of Legends: Wild Rift
Description: Experience the thrill of LoL's 5v5 PVP on mobile and console, with a familiar roster and new controls designed for fast-paced games.
Top 42: Knives Out
Description: Most popular Tactical Shooter game of the week.
Top 43: Limbus Company
Description: Most popular Puzzle game of the week.
Top 44: Art of Conquest : Airships
Description: Trending now for Tactical gamers.
Top 45: AFK Journey
Description: Don’t miss what’s trending for Local Co-Op gamers.
Top 46: Arknights
Description: Popular amongst RTS gamers now.
Top 47: Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains
Description: Ghouls prey on humans in this game, a fate-changing, curiosity-sparking adventure, involving a bookworm, a café, and an organ transplant!
Top 48: OUTERPLANE - Strategy Anime
Description: Whoa. Strategy gamers are all talking about this one.
Top 49: King Arthur: Legends Rise
Description: Trending now for Match 3 gamers.
Top 50: Mobile Legends: Adventure
Description: Whoa. Mystery gamers are all talking about this one.
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