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Rainbow Six: Siege (Mobile): What to Expect.

Rainbow Six: Siege (Mobile): What to Expect.

426 View2023-04-28
For the past few years, we can confirm that a Mobile version of Rainbow Six Siege is about to release. There've been a lot of leaks and trailers for the game, showing how the gameplay mechanics will work.
As most of you lads already know, In the past there had been already a RS:S Mobile, named Area F2 which had the same mechanics that RS:S had but most of the tactical abilities were optimized to fit the mobile gaming audience.
So, What to expect: First of all is the game's compatibility. We can all expect that Ubisoft and the Devs will do everything to make the game run on most devices, but, if the game releases and it doesn't show up on any app store, that right there is a clear indication that your device isn't compatible to run the game(yet).
The next thing is Performance. How the game runs on a device is extremely crucial, If it runs bad it'll get bad reviews and its popularity will drecrease dramatically. It runs great It'll recieve good feedback and the game's playerbase will increase. In my opinion, I think it'll run great, why? because Area F2 was already running smoothly on mid range devices and I'm pretty sure that Ubisoft will make RS:S run even smoother.
Third is the Game Size. Alright, RS:S has a lot of assets which includes the textures, player/object models, soundeffects, Maps and etc. We can all guarantee that It's going to be a large game. But not as large as COD:M(because COD:M has BR Maps, A lot of animated and detailed models and skins, optional and unecessary resources). My guess is that It'll be at least 3GB or higher, considering that as time goes by, the game will gradually get more and more content.
Lastly is the Availability. RS:S is a pretty famous game, the fact that it has an ESports tournament already says a lot. So it's pretty obvious that It'll be playable in most countries that going to be held by the same publisher (Ubisoft). It might even get A Mobile Esports Tournament(assuming that it doesn't get owned by a seperate publisher.)
That's it bye bye.
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Kamran Ahmadov
Kamran Ahmadov

we are waiting 🙂


XII Author

I really hope that they atleast release an early test for the game so that we know what we're waiting for.


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I played the first beta and it is phenomenal in every aspect. Optimization, game play, graphics ect. and the was about 5 or 6 months ago so it's gonna be even better beta #2 starts in 4 hours may 6,2023. I'm SUPER HYPED to be able to play again. I'm gonna record some game play and do a little review maybe..one last thing they added a team deathmatch mode so that will be interesting..let me know if you have any questions about joining the beta or anything about R6M. if your got invited to the first alpha and beta then you will automatically be invited to the 2nd one ( This one). Time to go plant and defuse some bombs LETS GOOOOOOO


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