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Hypermon - Evolution
🎊Main Events This Week Announcement

🎊Main Events This Week Announcement

2K View2023-09-07
⭐Rewards for Elite Stage Challenge (Sep 8th-Sep 9th)
⭐Double Treasure Pot rewards (first 10 times) (Sep 9th)
⭐Explorer Device Treasure Hunt (Sep 8th-Sep 10th)
⭐Trinket Card Draw (Sep 8th-Sep 10th)
⭐Orange Held Item Exchange (Sep 8th-Sep 10th)
⭐Purchase Lucky Wheel-Coins (Sep 8th-Sep 10th)
⭐Double Top-up Refresh (Sep 8th-Sep 10th)
⭐⁠🎰fortune-meowth (Sep 8th-Sep 10th)

Fortune Meowth is a 3 day event which allows players to get more diamonds for free. In essence, players "spend" diamonds on something resembling a slot machine (the amount of diamonds you "spend" on Fortune Meowth does not contribute to any diamond spend events), which is guaranteed to return the player more diamonds than they "spent". You cannot lose diamonds from this event.
The only caveat is that you must already have sufficient diamonds to participate in this event to its full extent. During the event period, f2p (VIP0) players have 5 chances to obtain additional diamonds.

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🎊Main Events This Week Announcement🎊
⭐Rewards for Elite Stage Challenge (Aug 11th --Aug 12th) ⭐Solgaleo & Zygarde Red Draw (Aug 11th - Aug 13th) ⭐Rewards for Elemental Challenge (Aug 12th - Aug 13th) ⭐Double top-up refresh (Aug 11th) ⭐Double treasure pot rewards for the first 10 time (Aug 13th) ⁠🎰fortune-meowth (Aug 11th - Aug 13th) Fortune Meowth  is guaranteed to return the player more diamonds than they "spent". You cannot lose diamonds from this event
Diamond Tips
#Recommend New users to get more free diamondsas much as possible! 1. The main mission: upgrading character's level, summon heroes, challenging boss 2. Memories of Sakura: Join the event, complete tasks and you can get a total of 24,000 diamonds 3. Divine Path: The higher the floor you pass, the more rewards you get 4. Check-out [Journey] and clear the level to get diamonds & gears Webshop Special Promotion
🚨Main Events for This Week Announcement🚨
✅ Double Gold Coins at Aether Paradise (June 24th): Enjoy the special offer of double gold coins at Aether Paradise! This limited-time event will provide you with an excellent opportunity to gather more wealth. ✅ Recharge Extra Diamonds (June 23rd - June 25th): Reap the benefits of additional diamonds when you recharge during this time frame. Don't miss out on this chance to obtain extra diamonds for your in-game adventures.
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