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Ignistone - First Impression: A SUPER CUTE Rogue Like Experience!

Ignistone - First Impression: A SUPER CUTE Rogue Like Experience!

2K View2023-10-04
Ignistone is a brand new rogue like game with cute characters and a huge emphasis on perfect parries. This game is loads of fun, but you will need some fast reaction times for some of the enemies.
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IGNISTONE | Free demo available now, official launch on Oct 3
IGNISTONE is a roguelike action game that focuses on parry. The game is easy to play and hard to master. IGNISTONE focuses on a 1 VS 1 combat. Your options are limited to "Attack," "Defense," and "Special Move".The fun in this game comes from the tension of defending and counterattacking. So, stay vigilant, seize opportunities, and then fight back. The demo is available now on Steam. Please add the item to your wish list if you want it. The official launch day will be Oct 3.
TapTap News2K2023-09-29
Ignistone - A Brand NEW 2D SINGLE PLAYER Rogue Like
🎮 Game: Ignistone 🍭 Platform: PC (Steam) ✨ Genre: Rogue Like | 2D | Single Player | PvE | Cute 💎Ignistone is a brand new rogue like game that is available on PC through Steam. This games combat relies a lot on timing your parry just right. If you can do that, then the combat will be very easy for you overall. If you time it wrong, or just go for blocks, you will take 30% damage by default. The Ignistone has been taken by mame who have had their minds taken over by these masks their wearing. You must reach floor 100 to find the Ignistone and to free those who are taken over.
Sora Synn1K2023-10-04
Simple and Fun Roguelike that is Easy to Get - IGNISTONE // QUICK REVIEW
Roguelike with timing based combat and multiple of playstyles available is upon us. In Ignistone you will venture on an adventure to the mysterious forgotten cave to uncover the past of your tribe, save the Ignistone and rescue kidnapped villagers. This video review of Mobile/ PC/ Console Game will show you some gameplay and help you to decide if you should invest your time into this game, we will discuss game mechanics, combat, progression, mechanics and f2p or p2w aspect of the game made in 2023. ❤️ HELP ME REACH 10 000 FOLLOWERS 🔔 FOLLOW FOR MORE GAME REVIEWS 🌲 LINKTREE (ALL THE LINKS):
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