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Phantom Blade: Executioners
Phantom Blade Executioners - RELEASING ON NOV 2ND 2023! THE WAIT IS ALMOST OVER!!!

Phantom Blade Executioners - RELEASING ON NOV 2ND 2023! THE WAIT IS ALMOST OVER!!!

2K View2023-10-28
🎮 Game: Phantom Blade Executioners
🍭 Platform: PS5 | PS4 | PC (Steam/Epic) | iOS | Android
✨ Genre: Martial Arts | Action | ARPG | Stylized | Hack and Slash |
⚔️Phantom Blade Executioners is almost out! And I was able to play this game again before the release. With 4 available characters to choose from with different play styles to choose from, you will be able to enjoy different types of combat. The story is ever present, with many cut scenes with voice acting to explain the overall story of the game. Mix and match skills to make personalized combos to take down the enemies you will come across.
⚔️Beautiful stylized visuals
⚔️Gorgeous martial arts style action
⚔️Fast paced Action RPG
⚔️Your choices will matter
⚔️Customize your combos
⚔️Apply Phantoms to increase your power against your foes
⚔️Unleash devasting ultimate skills
⚔️Obtain Phantoms through the Gacha, all with their own side stories
⚔️Collect ALL the LOOT!
💖Overall I'd say that Phantom Blade Executioners is a fantastic action RPG with gorgeous visuals. This game will have you engaged for long periods of time and the combat is fast paced and intense. The game releases on November 2nd 2023, and I cannot wait.  Honestly I love this game so much. I really wanted to give it a 9/10 but due to issues with the sound cutting out at times, and the fact that the voice acting was inconsistent. As well as using the word "Dude" in game that's setting didn't seem like they would know what that word is... I had to give it an 8.5/10.
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A deep, stylish beat-em-up that will keep you busy until Phantom Blade Zero arrives
SHOULD I PLAY PHANTOM BLADE: EXECUTIONERS? Absolutely play it. Phantom Blade: Executioners is a flashy action game that mixes the best elements of classic side-scrolling 2D brawlers—think Streets of Rage and Golden Axe—with a deep yet approachable combo-based fighting system that feels like something out of Devil May Cry. The result is a brilliantly fun, bite-sized title that’s worth some time even if you’re tired of gacha games.
TapTap Editor4K2023-11-03
Phantom Blade : Executioners Gameplay l Coming This Year 2022
Phantom Blade : Executioners l Action RPG l Highlight battle Gameplay ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Games : Phantom Blade : Executioners Language : English Size : 3.2GB Price : Free Platform : Android, IOS Download CBT : https://www.taptap.io/app/230517 Download : GooglePlay Coming Soon IOS Coming Soon Description 🌟 Graphic 4/5 * 2D graphic 🌟 Sound 3.5/5
IGAMES M2K2022-02-04
This game is Fast Action With An Endless Combat Style...
Phantom Blade Executioners enters its final beta test June 26th. This game has huge potential to be great. You can also get some bonuses for playing the beta. The game has an amazing combat system that will keep you entertained and engaged the whole time. There is so traditional auto combat so you will be doing pretty much all the moves. The auto combat that it does has simply just means when you activate a skill it will go through the whole chain skill effect instead of you having to tap the skill over and over. All of the skills can be chained and put into endless combos. You can also change the order of the skills in the chain.
The user has deleted the account3K2023-06-26
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