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Pesticide Not Required
[Pocket Playfest] FARM TO ADDICTION! Cute Pixel FROG Roguelike | Pesticide Not Required Demo Review!

[Pocket Playfest] FARM TO ADDICTION! Cute Pixel FROG Roguelike | Pesticide Not Required Demo Review!

970 View2023-12-14
For more information and to participate in the in-app event, gamers can download the TapTap app via the App Store, Play Store, or from the official website: https://www.taptap.io/mobile
Pesticide Not Required is what happens when you combine Vampire Survivor with farmwork, and a healthy dose of froggies.
It’s a top-down survival rogue-like developed by Jampacked Games where you play as a brave frog defending a farmstead from an endless onslaught of buggy adversaries. Your frog automatically attacks in a certain direction while your job is to make sure it doesn’t become bug food.
The insect waves are broken up into waves dictated by days. At the beginning of each day, your friendly MerchAnt gives you some useful upgrades you can buy with the coins you loot from all the previously mentioned activities. These upgrades can range from pets, larger land plots, weapon seeds, and plant seeds.
Weapon seeds allow you to accumulate specific weapons to help slap away the bugs and actually evolve the more you plant and harvest them. Plant seeds are basically your EXP farm, with more expensive seeds giving you higher EXP returns. EXP allows your frog to level up and earn perks with each level up. These perks are instrumental in your survival and teeter between simple upgrades to high risk/high reward trade offs.
The game’s simple to learn systems also make experimenting with certain builds, weapons, and perks fun to try out. Rarely will you ever feel like the game was being unfair to you.
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