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CookieRun: Tower of Adventures
Cookie Run's Take on ARPG Looks Promising! | Cookie Run: Tower of Adventure CBT Quick Review!

Cookie Run's Take on ARPG Looks Promising! | Cookie Run: Tower of Adventure CBT Quick Review!

1K View2024-01-23
Cookie Run: Tower of Adventure is an upcoming game from Devsisters that throws our cookies into the world of ARPGs and is currently going through its second Closed Beta Testing, adding further improvements since its initial testing back in November 2023.
No longer will you be running endlessly or autobattling. In Cookie Run: Tower of Adventure, you’re playing a full-fledged RPG along with all your favorite cookies. So, you can come to expect that the cookies on your roster will all have their own unique moveset and abilities, just like any other RPG out there. That also includes improving and upgrading your cookies.
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CookieRun: Tower of Adventures (CBT) - Another AMAZING CookieRun Game To ENJOY!
🎮 Game: CookieRun: Tower of Adventures (CBT) 🍭 Platform: Android | iOS | Google Play Games on PC | ✨ Genre: Action | Realtime | 3D Graphics | 🍪CookieRun: Tower of Adventures is curently out in the global beta, and I was lucky enough to be allowed to try the game. This game was loads of fun, with an entertaining story, loads of action and bright and colorful graphics. And there was no auto play or auto combat in sight!
Sora Synn4452024-01-19
A SWEET hack and slash RPG game already, literally | CBT Review - CookieRun: Tower of Adventures
✨Overview CookieRun: Tower of Adventures is a hack-and-slash top-down RPG that adds an action packed entry to the popular CookieRun series and is the first-ever 3D game in the franchise. The game combines elements of platforming and ARPG gameplay, but with similar progression systems and mechanics. The game is currently on a closed beta testing phase that runs from Jan 20 to Feb 4, 2024 and it only features selected game modes and characters for testers to try. Release date is planned for this year.
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