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My top mobile MMORPG

My top mobile MMORPG

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No need to say much right, if you have interest in MMORPG games, this game must be on the top list. Although this game doesn't have high quality graphics but the gameplay system is worth playing.
I'm gonna give it a quick review for anyone that wanna try MMORPG.
πŸ“– Storyline: 7.5/10
- Not unique but good enough to dig in
πŸ•ΉοΈ Controls: 8/10
🎡 Sound: 9/10
- BMG changes based on the current map
- Unfortunately this game doesn't have voice over, just use your imagination for better experience 😢
🎨 Graphics: 7/10
- Except the player's avatar, NPC, monsters andΒ  the far side backgrounds, almost everything else is just like an anime version of lowkey Minecraft. But still, that deceased this game's data size which help it easier to play on many devices, even the old ones.
- The costumes, accessories, and equipment in the game are very diverse, easily creating a character according to your preferences.
πŸ‘₯ Multiplayer: 8/10
- They have guild system
- You can use friend mercernaries if you are not strong enough to go alone
- You can change your chanel to march with your friends and go on adventure with them
- Consignment board for selling and buying equipment, pet, materials... that you get in your adventure with a few fee
- Trading system, free to trade items with your friends or stranger
πŸŒ™ Day/Night Cycle: Does not exit in this game, you can go to the maps that always in night mode to experience the night πŸ₯΄
πŸ“ˆ Skill Trees & Abilities: 9/10
- Free to customize your character stats with stat points
- You will select your weapon at the character create step but actually when you're done creating and start to play, you can use any weapon that you find, just need to learn the skills of that weapon. But still, the stat and skill points they give you from the stars are limited so please be careful with your choices (u can reset that but it cost items).
- You can chose to learn whatever skill you like, but the more you learn the more it cost.
⭐ Overall: 100% worth playing!
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A good MMORPG game that is a bit junky in animation.
An MMORPG that is good on a mobile game though it can be a pay-to-win, I am just stating the facts lol. Anyway, for people that don't like to spend money like me, rewards are decent and a bit gritty but that is okay. You can clear some dungeons "in time" if you are in higher-level areas. I would like to recommend the game if you like this kind of genre.
I consider this the best MMORPG for mobile. It have a wide variety of pvp like battle royale, base capture, all vs all, guild war, the "auto" 1vs1, duel with players, the best class tourny... Have ο»Ώa necessary manual content and also auto content, guild system, marriage system, "best friends" system and mentor-apprentice system. The graphics are gorgeous and lots of players going to love the 365Β° picture capture.
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