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Kingdom -Netflix Soulslike RPG
If Darksouls was buggy and Korean, it would be this

If Darksouls was buggy and Korean, it would be this

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Man this game gave me hope...then it yanked it away brutally. I felt like some mouse that had been roped in with cheese without seeing the trap of despair ahead.
They showed us great graphics with souls like combat in a zombie setting but gave us a janky, clunky, unable to work at max settings, arpg with annoying boss attack patterns and more janky clunky skills.
Without further ado, let me launch into this tear jerking experience
👍 Pros:
Since this list is short, I will start with the "good stuff" it offers.
●Souls-like combat is always a win for me and I've always wanted an online multi-player game with the proper mix of adventure, difficult battle scenarios with unique battle mechanics. If not for the--in my opinion--lazily set controls and lag times, this game would have filled this niche superbly
●The max graphics is what we have come to expect from top tier mobile games but man, the anti-liasing and the poor graphics optimization makes you feel...I'll complete this in the cons section. Suffice it to say it looks good
●I love the skill tree and customization aspect of the game. Thumbs up to the devs for it
●The inventory is not hard to peruse and the game doesn't feel over saturated with things to do which is a big plus for me. Most games are made in such a way that you are meant to play forever--shout out to all you open-world games I shall not mention but we all know anyway--and it can get overwhelming. Tis game doesn't feel as cluttered to me and I appreciate that.
●I love the main interface's look--it's not too much nor too little. It's the barest minimum in the face of a zombie infestation muhahahaha...ahem. It looks good
●Ost is a big thing for me. A good song can always set the mood and proper sound effects can help you trick your brain into believing the story even more.This game's ost isn't remarkable but it is sufficient and in this case, it's appropriate. It's no metal gear revengeance nor is it another DMC so we'll allow it
👎 Cons:
I'm sure some of you have played this game already and others have read multiple reviews so let me not waste our time any further as I go into my findings. Here's what I'd like to call, my epic recounting of this beta's hiccups:
● Lets talk of the combat. Ive played animus harbinger, infinity souls, heck I've played souls-like games and I can attest to one...crucial...thing--THE FIGHT PACING MAKES SENSE! THIS ONE DOESN'T!
Let's look at the opening bosses attack patterns. They are rudimentary but man is the window of attack almost always so small they are just offensive. I appreciate difficult games and of course I was able to finish him off but it was annoying as there isn't a block button nor any amazing speedy skill to help in your countering at astonishing speed
The block ability is very important to me as it adds to the feel of an in depth melee battle. If you won't add it then add an exergerated dash skill to compensate or an exergerated parry system that very visibly stuns or staggers enemies. There's none of that in this game which makes going for a no hit win more or less impossible if you dont have enough free time to keep replaying till you get it
●This games needs better control optimization. At this point I feel devs release these janky games just to get us to commit to their games when they finally release the "fixed" versions later. Fluid battle mechanics leads to one activating the zone effortlessly which leads to YouTube level moments so please fix everything about the button responsiveness
●Everyone who has ever played high graphic, online games has almost gone insane due to this issue at one point or the other: VERY annoying frame rates and game ruining lag. God knows I always feel like strangling game devs when it happens during a crucial game point.
○Going back to the first fight as mentioned earlier, I couldn't count how many times I counted to 2 or 3 before my attacks activated.
○The clothes were hung everywhere--literally for several splits secs like they wanted to dry or something.
○My character was always hanging.
○I'd have tapped 5x by the time the 2nd hit was getting in--I blame piano tiles for my tap speed lol.
○I'd have tapped the dash 3x before it works when I only needed 1 to reposition and attack but have to contend with the result of my angry button-mashing.
It was pure torture. I had to reduce the game's settings to the very lowest before I could play and yet it barely worked and I'm using an 8gb ram phone. If your experience with lag was different let me know in the comments.
I seriously expected better
Well that's my write up. If the game is worked on and improved, I will certainly drop a new write up. This game deserves better care so we players can really enjoy it and not suffer it
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uhh i have a A16 Bionic chip with 6 gb ram.. can it run it


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it should without an issue if it were to work well for your phone


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when I finish tutorial the game crashes


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👍 Pros: Game graphics is good and the artstyle is quite mesmerising to the eyes. In fact, we have never had such a unique artstyle in any mobile game till now. But these are all the positive aspects of this game ~ 👎 Cons: Massively pay-to-win aspects ruined the game. This has to be one of the biggest P2W games in the AFK genre. There is no such thing as "7 day/14 day special login" for new users. There is one 14 day new user mission event, but that too doesn't give a natural/origin purple grade hero on the final day. You can get a natural purple grade character on another new user event which is obviously a forgettable character that no one use even in mid PvP game, let alone for late game. The resources to upgrade characters become very costly in short time & the amount you acquire them from stages and AFK drops are not sufficient to keep up with the PvE content difficulty without having to wait days first. Purple grade heroes can be advanced to red grade heroes and that is extremely hard in this game to achieve even for whaling (paid) users. Even my server top players who obviously spent a lot in the game have at most 1 or 2 red grade heroes, now imagine how hard it would be for free users. But such types of greed come from Chinese developer most of the time which I'm not new to. Then again, if spending a ton like a zombie in virtual world (games) is your thing, then feel free to try it out ~
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My thoughts about the game
At first few hours of the game it'll look good and promising but later on it died out fast. I'll just divide based on my opinion : Pros : Good graphics. Interesting pvp mechanics. Bot mode, so you don't have to open the app constantly. It had lore Cons : Pay to win mechanic since pvp items are locked behind paywall Absurd enhancement mechanic since every enhancement needs a thingy that you can farm for thousand of hours to do single attempt of enhancement
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