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International Pop Culture Festival Game and Manga ( Naples - Italy )

International Pop Culture Festival Game and Manga ( Naples - Italy )

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This year too I will participate in the International Pop Culture Festival Game and Manga alias COMICON with well over 20 exhibition itineraries from 25 to 28 April at the Mostra d'Oltremare in Naples (Italy).  Anime has invaded the world in a transmedia way, especially video games within reach of smartphones!  Furthermore, tournaments, simulations and "field" tests will take place of dozens of board games, strategy, adventure, resource management, cooperation, role-playing, card games, etc:
- Cosplay: Those who love faithfully reproducing the characters of their favorite manga and comics will also find in this edition events and spaces dedicated to the Cosplay passion: it will be one of the most attractive and innovative spaces of the Padua Fair to host the Stage which on Sunday afternoon will be at the center of the competition among cosplayers from all over Italy.
- Gaming zone powered by gamestop: Lots of gaming stations to challenge friends live and discover all the latest titles.
- Esportshow: The area dedicated to the most exciting challenges of competitive gaming.
- Artist Alley: Area dedicated to artists, illustrators and independent productions where you can get lost in drawings, sketches and meet your favorite artists live!
By AlessiaBNERD
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There are -11 days left until Comicon 2024 🤩
11 days left for the 2024 edition of the Naples Comicon.  The most sought-after event for fans of comics, manga and video games.  It will be organized within the exhibition spaces of the Mostra d'Oltremare (the green lung of Naples).  This year the festival reaches its 24th edition and will open its doors from 25 to 28 April, from 10:00 to 19:00.  This year there will also be ample space for jpop music, cinema, sport and this year also for Android/iOS mobile gaming.  Among the most important guests we find the American cartoonist John Romita Jr., one of the most representative artists of the American panorama of recent decades.  His unmistakable trait has distinguished some of the most beloved superhero sagas: Spiderman, Thor, Daredevil and Wolverine.  Furthermore, ample space will also be dedicated to the world of mobile gaming and its flagship titles.  In this regard, there will be many fans of the Final Fantasy saga who will have the opportunity to meet up close with the Japanese game designer and author Yasumi Matsuno, who oversaw the plot and concept design of edition number 12!  Tickets can be named and are divided into daily tickets, which give the participant access exclusively on the chosen date, or subscription tickets which allow entry for all 4 days of the event.  I will post lots of photos and videos of the event here, stay tuned!
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