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[Gift Event] Let's create a Pokemon world where the ordinary becomes extraordinary

[Gift Event] Let's create a Pokemon world where the ordinary becomes extraordinary

2K View2023-07-28
⏰ Event Time: July 29th - July 31st 0:00 UTC+8
In the past, I often pondered about what it would be like if a tissue were a Pokémon and how it could perform in battles. Perhaps it would have the ability to wrap its enemies up with its soft body, confounding them in a gentle embrace. And if it were to evolve, it might transform into a more resilient and elegant form resembling silk.
This playful thought got me thinking about other everyday items in our real lives and how they could become Pokémon with unique abilities.
I would love to hear your creative ideas on what other items could be turned into Pokémon and how they would engage in battles.
Post your thoughts in our community , all players who participate in the event will receive a special gift package: 300 diamonds, 200K coins, and 5 diamond draws as a token of appreciation. Please remember to include your game server, ID, and character name and google email.
For example,  s?  UID: ?????  [Your Name][google email]
The gift code of the rewards will be sent to players via google email within one week after the end of the event.
-Event rewards will be distributed uniformly, and no reissuance will be made for rewards that cannot be delivered correctly due to incorrect google email after the event concludes.
-Each game ID is eligible to receive the reward once.
-Only players of our game can participate.
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