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Can you make it to floor 100? This dungeon crawler is adorable, but it still packs a punch

Can you make it to floor 100? This dungeon crawler is adorable, but it still packs a punch

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If you’re looking for a simple-yet-addictive dungeon crawler, Ignistone is the game for you! This roguelike has a cutesy art style, but it doesn’t hold back when it comes to challenge. I had to fight my way through a hundred floors to get to the end of Ignistone, and things only got harder after the credits had rolled. The streamlined gameplay and playful storyline made this game a blast.


I spent a little over five hours with Ignistone. Four of those hours were spent clearing the main storyline, and I spent the rest of my time checking out the post-game content. Initially, I was a little disappointed that I got through Ignistone so quickly, so I was thrilled to discover that the end of the game is only the beginning. Beating the game unlocks a ton of new dungeons, and some of them are ridiculously tough. There’s enough content to keep me occupied for countless hours.


• Streamlined, parry-focused gameplay. Ignistone has a simple combat system that’s all about timing. One button is used to attack opponents, while another is used to guard against incoming attacks. Hitting the block button at the right time parries enemy attacks. Not only did this allow me to completely avoid taking damage, but it also temporarily stunned my opponent, giving me an opportunity to whittle down their health bar.
This system is easy to learn but tricky to master. In order to successfully parry attacks, I had to memorize enemy attack patterns. This wasn’t too hard at first, but as I got deeper into the dungeon, I encountered a wider range of foes, which made it harder to remember when I should guard. Pulling off a successful parry felt fantastic, and if I screwed up, the game always told me what I did wrong. Getting that feedback helped me improve my skills and get to the end of the dungeon.
Satisfying gameplay loop. Any good dungeon crawler needs a compelling gameplay loop, and Ignistone managed to get me hooked right away. It has a hundred-floor dungeon that’s divided into ten-floor segments. Every ten floors, I had the chance to exit the dungeon with all my loot. If I fell in battle before the tenth floor, my trusty sidekick would carry me back to safety, but he wouldn’t bring my weapons or loot.

What really made
Ignistone so addictive is that there was always something new for me to unlock when I got back to town. Maybe I’d use the gems I brought back to craft new weapons or armor, or perhaps I’d upgrade a local shop. There were even quests that I could work on after every dungeon run. That constant sense of progress made me want to explore the dungeon again and again.
• Cute and vibrant visuals. Ignistone reminds me of an old flash game, and I mean that in the best possible way. All of the characters—including my foes—were absurdly adorable, and the world is bursting with color. The graphics are fairly simple, but there are tons of little details that fill the game with life. I loved the way enemies would fly across the screen when I landed the finishing blow, or the way my character would dance when I successfully completed a dungeon run.

• The fun doesn’t stop when you beat the game. Like I mentioned above, Ignistone is filled with content you can enjoy after you beat the game. I’ve only sampled some of this content, but based on what I’ve seen, I think the post-game is significantly longer than the main game. When I beat
Ignistone, I still had a few buildings left to upgrade, and there were tons of weapons and shields I needed to craft. I’m glad the game is giving me a good reason to unlock all this content.


It gets pretty repetitive. After I got through the opening story segments, I was basically completing the same tasks over and over again. I’d enter the dungeon, fight through ten floors, climb back to safety, make a few upgrades, then go through the same process all over again. Personally, I didn’t mind the repetition, but if you like games with a lot of variety, Ignistone might not be for you.

Are you ready to fight your way through one hundred floors in Ignistone, or does that sound like a few floors too many? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!
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