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Lords of the Fallen
Lords of the Fallen - A Brand New SOULS Like Game in Unreal Engine 5

Lords of the Fallen - A Brand New SOULS Like Game in Unreal Engine 5

2K View2023-10-14
🎮 Game: Lords of the Fallen
🍭 Platform: PC (Steam/Epic Store) | PlayStation 5 | XBOX Series X/S
✨ Genre: Action RPG | Souls Like | Co-Op | Dark Fantasy
⚔️Lords of the Fallen is the brand new Souls Like game to come out on PC, PS5, and the XBOX Series X and S. This game is also released in the new Unreal Engine 5 graphics and it looks absolutely stunning. The game is challenging and gorgeous. I truly enjoyed my time in this game.
⚔️Choose your class to take on this challenging game
⚔️Customize your character with fairly decent options
⚔️Traverse between the world of the Living (Axiom) and the world of the Dead (Umbral)
⚔️Is your way blocked? Perhaps it won't be in the other realm
⚔️Enjoy stunning cinematics
⚔️High fidelity graphics with Unreal Engine 5
⚔️Challenging boss fights
⚔️Co-Op with your friends
⚔️Death isn't the final answer. Revive in the Umbral realm and fight your way to a totem to return to Axiom.
⚔️Dying in the Umbral realm will be a final death, resulting in you respawning at the last checkpoint
💖Overall I'd say that Lords of the Fallen will be a fantastic game for those who love Souls Like games and a challenge. If these games aren't to your taste though, you won't enjoy this one either. The skill level is high in this game, and there is no difficulty option. You can even play classes that are really hard to play. The game even warns you about them when choosing your class. I do recommend this game to all die hard souls like fans though. You will not be disappointed in what this game has to offer.
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