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Lords of the Fallen
Lords of the Fallen - First Impression: A BRAND NEW Bloody and Creepy SOULS LIKE Game

Lords of the Fallen - First Impression: A BRAND NEW Bloody and Creepy SOULS LIKE Game

2K View2023-10-15
Lords of the Fallen is the latest Souls Like game to come out, using the latest Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine, this game looks stunning. Having 2 realms to swap between also makes for interesting gameplay too. Definitely worth the purchase if you're a lover of Souls Like games.
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Lords of the Fallen - A Brand New SOULS Like Game in Unreal Engine 5
🎮 Game: Lords of the Fallen 🍭 Platform: PC (Steam/Epic Store) | PlayStation 5 | XBOX Series X/S ✨ Genre: Action RPG | Souls Like | Co-Op | Dark Fantasy ⚔️Lords of the Fallen is the brand new Souls Like game to come out on PC, PS5, and the XBOX Series X and S. This game is also released in the new Unreal Engine 5 graphics and it looks absolutely stunning. The game is challenging and gorgeous. I truly enjoyed my time in this game.
Sora Synn2K2023-10-14
One of the original Dark Souls clones is back in reboot form
These days, we've got more Soulslike games than you can shake a stick at—from the recently released, Pinocchio-inspired Lies of P to the hardcore take on Chinese history and mythology found in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Things were quite different in 2014,  though; only two Dark Souls games had been released so far (three if you count 2009's Demon's Souls), and very few developers had tried to emulate FromSoftware's hyper-difficult formula. It wasn't necessarily a huge success, but
TapTap News6762023-10-07
Behind this flawed “Souls-lite” lies a decent game | Full Review - Lords of the Fallen
✨Overview Lords of the Fallen servers as both a soft reboot and a loose sequel to its 2014 predecessor, and bravely steps once again for a second shot at offering a compelling Souls-like, giving players another taste of a harsh and dangerous world with intense combat, innovative dual-reality mechanics, and a co-op experience. 🟩Pros +Beautiful world design +Unique dual-reality mechanic +Forviging and fun combat mechanics
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