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Super Mario RPG is a must-play remake of one of the most nostalgia-packed SNES RPGs ever

Super Mario RPG is a must-play remake of one of the most nostalgia-packed SNES RPGs ever

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That depends. Do you like feeling joy? Do you get a kick out of taking part in pure, unabashed, childlike glee and wonder? If yes, then duh, absolutely jump into the wonderful world of Super Mario RPG as soon as possible. But if you’re more of a Bowser-esque figure who prefers ruining the day for innocent toadlings, or if you prefer your RPGs avoid cracking jokes at all costs, then maybe this one just isn’t for you. Or maybe this will be the game that finally breaks through the thick, Grinch-esque barrier of cynicism and unhappiness you’ve surrounded yourself in. Who knows?


I’m a good six or seven hours into Super Mario RPG. I’ve pulled together almost all of the game’s core party members, have collected a few stars, and feel like I’m around the halfway point, if my memory of the Super Nintendo version of the game is correct. However, I haven’t yet got to check out any of the new post-game content, such as rematches with powered-up versions of boss fights. I’m definitely looking forward to that!


• Turn-based combat that forces you to pay attention. Yes, this is a turn-based RPG, but no, you cannot just turn your brain off and mash the attack button over and over. Regular attacks aren’t particularly powerful on their own in Super Mario RPG, but most moves allow you to boost their power significantly by tapping a button at the right time. Learning the timing for each attack and weapon type is a lengthy process, and even hours into the game I still found myself getting off-beat sometimes and losing a lengthy combo. It’s a great system for exactly that reason, though; it made it so that even the easiest random battles were ones I had to give my full attention.
• Zany sense of humor. Though it doesn’t quite reach the heights of hilarity of the Paper Mario games it inspired, Super Mario RPG features an energetic, contagious approach to comedy. My favorite is Bowser, Mario’s long-time nemesis who becomes an unlikely ally on this adventure and is constantly given some of the best and most hilarious lines in the game. Who knew being a big bad villain could go hand-in-hand with being a neurotic mess?
• Wonderful, unique visual style. When it first came out on the Super Nintendo, Super Mario RPG looked above and beyond anything else from that time period and console. This remake has reinterpreted that look into a singular, almost claymation style, and while it may not be as mind-blowing as the original, it still looks totally different from other Mario games and other RPGs.
• THAT MUSIC. If the battle victory theme doesn’t get you bopping your head up and down, I don’t know what to say. Super Mario RPG is just full of all-time memorable earworms that sound even better now than they did in 1996.


• The lack of voice acting can be awkward. Back in the SNES days, no one expected voice-overs in any of their games, much less an epic RPG. I respect Nintendo for choosing to stick with no voice acting for this remake, but the silence definitely feels more notable and at times more awkward in 2023, especially scenes where the music drops out to indicate drama. That was a cool trick in 1996, but a modern gamer might be tempted to wonder if the game bugged out or something.
• It’s short. Okay, this doesn’t necessarily suck! Personally, I love shorter games, just like my fellow TapTap editor StaggerLee. It’s rare to find an RPG, especially, that can be completed in less than twenty hours. But if you’re buying the game at full price and hoping for something that will last you for a long time to come, definitely take note so you don’t end up disappointed.


Nintendo Switch
[Review written by TapTap editor Kef.]
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