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Pesticide Not Required


313 View2023-12-10

Platform: PC / MOBILE

Genre: Cute / Bullet Hell / Action Roguelike
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📅 Schedule
Dates: December 23, 12 AM PT - January 7, 11:59 PM PT.
Playfest Winners & Player Rewards Announcement: January 8, 12 AM PT.
Occasionally problematic experience, but one that was generally positive.
TapTaps' new service, enables users to transmit DEMOs directly to their devices from a virtual computer rather than directly installing them and taking up space, is very intuitive. The functionality works well here as the game is not all that fast paced.
The user interface was considerably more straightforward in comparison to many of the other games I've played via Cloud Gaming, and I believe this to be an extremely essential point, less is better when it comes to this service currently.
Although the visuals were occasionally pixelated due to the abundance of bugs on the screen causing the stream to buffer, this did not significantly detract from the quality of the music or gameplay, it was still fun and engaging. The movement controls were a bit sticky, and there were instances where corner movements would not input, requiring you to stand still and readjust your finger in order to continue.
The shop was the largest and most frustrating obstacle. The analog stick is so large that it blocks out the ability of purchasing seeds ordinarily. You must therefore work around it by tapping a few buttons until you can purchase them.
TapTap will initiate this event following its launch on
December 23, 2023 ending on January 7th 2024. Indie Developers have the opportunity to exhibit their work to the TapTap community where users are able to vote for the titles they enjoyed the most.

Those who are acquainted with the
June-introduction of the Pocket Playfest should not find this particularly unexpected as it was a very well received event!

The unique aspect of this event is that these games have not been made available for mobile; therefore, you will have the exclusive opportunity to play them here first!

How it works
This format is a double tournament in which participants have the opportunity to play (2) games and vote on their preferred game daily for an entire week. The game that receives the most votes will advance to the championship round.

You really do not want to pass up this opportunity due to the cumulative value of the prizes which include
5 grand totals of $1,000 each, in addition to a Steam Deck and 3 Elite Xbox controllers, are things that will be awarded. Absolutely insane!

Competing Games
While the complete list of games to be exhibited is unknown, specific games such as the one presented here will be among the limited number.

Global Event
Despite the fact that this is a global event, this service will only be accessible in the
United States and Canada to guarantee that participants have an exceptionally seamless experience devoid of 400-500 latency.
Those with Arachnophobia and Entomophobia beware!
When it comes to this topic, I am unable to speak for everyone besides myself, but In my opinion, PESTICIDE NOT REQUIRED is an action roguelike game that is both a lot of fun and adorable to play than other games in the genre. There are a number of new features added to the game, as opposed to simply wandering around and killing insects in order to earn weapons and level up. It uses some innovative approaches in order to keep you interested and having fun during the entire process.
Graphics & Presentation
Really do appreciate the graphic approach that they used. Despite the fact that it is funny and cute, it could be a little bit traumatic for you if you are not very fond of big insects and other such things. The DEMO allowed me to jump right in and just have fun which is what gaming is all about, not a single ounce of frustration came while playing through stage after stage. Not only was the music wonderfully soothing, but it also contributed significantly to the overall feeling that one would have when playing anything that is even remotely satisfying and addictive.
The gameplay consists on you surviving massive waves of insects. You are a frog, and you are the owner of a farm in this scenario, rather than being in some random place, for whatever random reason. You are being overrun by thousands of insects, but you do not require pesticide to deal with the situation because you're a Frog! You will be able to acquire experience, money, and other benefits that will assist you in fending off the increasingly difficult waves if you build up your farm with animals and plants, all while trying to avoid damage to catch fish, and mine when you are nearby.
It is already quite deep, and it has the potential to become even more profound if the Developers of this game decide to include any additional features in a subsequent version of the game. Due to the fact that it has such a pleasant disposition, it does not become tiring, in fact it helps to relax you when you're just having a bad day and you want to get rid of some stress for a few moments which is very nice.
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