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Pesticide Not Required
Pesticide Not Required: A PC Game Brought To Mobile - TapTap CLOUD GAMING #WinterPocketPlayfest

Pesticide Not Required: A PC Game Brought To Mobile - TapTap CLOUD GAMING #WinterPocketPlayfest

3K View2023-12-13
Pocket Playfest 2023 - 23rd of December until 7th of January
This holiday season there’s going to be something extraordinary… Let me introduce TapTap MOBILE CLOUD GAMING!! You’ll be presented with a series of original PC indie games that have been ported to MOBILE for the first time before anyone else. You’ll find these exclusively on TapTap! Each day two new indie games will be offered to be played and users from North America will have a 30-minute window per day to play them. Participants can vote for their favorite game and WIN awesome prices such as money, a Stream Deck, or one of the 3 Xbox Elite controllers.

Pesticide Not Required combines auto-attacking bullet heaven roguelites with farming game mechanics to create an expansive set of strategies and build combinations. Destroy huge hordes of evil insects, grow tons of crops, create your own build path, and unlock unique characters to play with!

Steam link:

Subscribing to the channel will grant you exclusive access to a hidden cheat code for real-life awesomeness. Okay, maybe not, but you'll definitely get access to epic gaming content, laughs, and a community that will make you feel like a gaming legend!

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game looks dope & I really hope the cloud gaming takes off here, so many fantastic indie titles that would rule on mobile that'll probably just never happen w/o an initiative like this


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Pesticide Not Required - Try Out The Game Through TAPTAP CLOUD GAMING During Pocket Playfest 2023
🎮 Game: Pesticide Not Required [Demo] 🍭 Platform: PC (Steam) | ✨ Genre: Bullet Hell | Roguelike | Farming | Action RPG | Single Player | 📱There is a 16 day event called the Pocket Playfest, starting on December 23rd until January 7th. During this time, you will be able to play 2 PC indie games a day, and users from North America will have 30 minute quotas to play these games every day! You can now play these awesome PC indie games for the first time on mobile devices thanks to TapTaps new cloud gaming service! Available during this event! The pocket playfest will also offer prizes for both developers and participants as well.
Sora Synn3362023-12-11
Pesticide Not Required - Hype Impression/Froggy Stayin Alive/Steam PC
Mow down countless crops and corrupt critters while crafting game-breaking builds! Pesticide Not Required is an action roguelite bullet heaven game with farming sim elements that offers a myriad of stats and special character traits to create wildly diverse run possibilities. Subscribe to the channel it's free!! https://rebrand.ly/drv74aa Support the channel for 3.99mo get access to Emotes/Perks/Giveaways! https://rebrand.ly/lz9juia Steam= https://store.steampowered.com/app/2479320/Pesticide_Not_Required/
Pesticide Not Required: Enriching the Interactive Landscape
"Pesticide Not Required" is a remarkable gaming endeavor, offering an unparalleled and thrilling gaming encounter. The game's unique features are evident in the careful development of inventive gameplay structures and the smooth interaction with in-game elements, enriching the overall depth of the player's experience. The fusion of survival and combat aspects seamlessly intertwined with farming elements creates a distinctive balance, positioning the game as an extraordinary presence in the expansive gaming landscape.
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