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Super Mario Bros.™ Wonder
TapTap Game of the Year 2023 #8: Super Mario Bros Wonder - the best platformer of the year

TapTap Game of the Year 2023 #8: Super Mario Bros Wonder - the best platformer of the year

2K View2023-12-14
After nearly forty years of smashing blocks and stomping on Goombas, it feels like Mario’s done everything he could possibly do: He’s piloted an airplane, rode multiple dinosaurs, fought sumo wrestlers, turned himself into a human balloon, and dressed up like everything from a penguin to a cat. But this year, after a long, painful wait, Mario finally returned in his first 2D adventure in more than a decade, and somehow, the series feels more innovative than ever.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder has everything you’d expect from a Mario game—mushrooms, fire flowers, breakable blocks—but it’s also filled with surprises at every turn. It’s a game where Piranha Plants can break into song, where warp pipes can come to life, and where Bowser can steal a flower and turn himself into a castle. There are times when it feels borderline surreal, but no matter what strange events it throws your way, it never stops feeling like a Mario game.

Like every title in the Mario franchise, Wonder is incredibly polished. Not only are the visuals vibrant and breathtakingly beautiful, but the game is filled with details that make the world feel more alive. Sleeping Goombas have snot bubbles coming out of their noses. Mario tugs his hat over his head when he crouches on the ground. And it isn’t just nice to look at; the gameplay is phenomenal, and the controls feel effortless. It’s easy to forget how good it really is until you try to play something else.
There are lots of new features in Wonder, like badges that give permanent power-ups and fruit that turns you into an elephant, but the standout would have to be the Wonder Flower. Discovering these flowers unlocks special effects that can turn a level on its head. One flower switched the camera to a top-down perspective, requiring me to play through the level in an entirely new way. Another one resurrected an ancient dragon, and another made Super Stars rain from the sky. That unpredictability made every level of Wonder feel like a thrill ride, and I didn’t want that ride to ever end.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder isn’t just the best platformer of the year; it’s one of the best games in the entire Mario series. Mario might be approaching middle age, but this game is proof that the plumber’s still got it. Wonder embraces classic Mario gameplay but still manages to do something new at every turn. Whether you’ve grown up on Mario or are experiencing the series for the first time, this game is a genuine wonder.
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