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It's been just over two years since FromSoftware published Elden Ring, and unlike Dark Souls or BloodBorne, it has received no attention in terms of DLC content.
The release date of their long-sought after DLC will be out on June 21st, 2024.
It appears to have an entirely new world to explore perhaps a shadow world, with new creatures, weapons, spells, lore, and bosses to take on! That's not all! They announced Tencent plans to work on a F2P version of Elden Ring with in-app purchases, which generated widespread anger among the souls like community.
I'm in the same boat, having played many games that are totally managed or owned by Tencent, and you better believe they're going to want to milk every dime from the playerbase while refusing to make any meaningful significant jumps into developing anything of high quality, what even would that model of video game even translate to?
You can't help but think with a price like $39,99 it's understandable why it took so long for this to come out because FromSoftware never skimps out on the quality!
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