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Once Human
Once HUMAN®️ - Close Beta Test / Android & iOS! 🤘🔥📱

Once HUMAN®️ - Close Beta Test / Android & iOS! 🤘🔥📱

424 View2024-02-25
The highly anticipated CBT3 will start on March 28, 2024! Devs bring a bunch of new content for you all. Also, there is a surprise at the end of the video for Metas: Don't forget to check out the trailer to find out!
Come to pre-register the game on the official website and don't forget to add Oncehuman to your wishlist on Steam!
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Once Human丨First mobile beta test will begin on April 3rd, 2024. Sign-up now!
Starry Studios and NetEase Games announce the closed beta test and reveal a fresh gameplay trailer for its forthcoming supernatural multiplayer title, Once Human. The trailer exhibits diverse survival escapades featuring crews navigating an enigmatic realm, teasing intriguing additions such as the innovative Deviant gameplay. Additionally, the team discloses a beta testing roadmap encompassing significant enhancements for both PC and a novel mobile iteration, set to kick off on April 3, 2024.
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Get Ready: Once Human Beta Test Trailer Unveiled with Official Date
Secure your seat in the beta test of Starry Studio's highly anticipated multiplayer open-world horror survival game Once Human. Once HumanIn the recent IGN fan fest, Starry Studio's dropped the new gameplay trailer for their upcoming open-world horror survival game Once Human, along with the dates for the second closed beta test for Once Human. In this article, we summarised everything we know so far about the Once Human.
Demon King2K2024-05-24
Once Human from NetEase just announced an upcoming beta test coming this winter!
Once Human, the upcoming open-world sandbox survival game from Starry Studio and NetEase, has just revealed its upcoming closed beta test, together with a freshly released announcement trailer As revealed, the closed beta test is set to be live this winter. Though whether or not the test will come to mobile is still unknown, players can now add the game to their wishlist on Steam.
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