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Get Ready: Once Human Beta Test Trailer Unveiled with Official Date

Get Ready: Once Human Beta Test Trailer Unveiled with Official Date

3K View2024-05-24
Secure your seat in the beta test of Starry Studio's highly anticipated multiplayer open-world horror survival game Once Human.
Once HumanIn the recent IGN fan fest, Starry Studio's dropped the new gameplay trailer for their upcoming open-world horror survival game Once Human, along with the dates for the second closed beta test for Once Human. In this article, we summarised everything we know so far about the Once Human.
Once Human Trailer
Many details were disclosed for the first time in the recently released Once Human gameplay trailer, including information on numerous multiplayer game modes.The teaser showed off several of the game's key aspects, including resource collection, base building, an open environment, and shooting. At the conclusion of the trailer, we were also teased with a potential companion system.What is Once Human?Starry Studios' next open-world action survival game, Once Human, is centred on the paranormal world of SCP, in which you must retake human territory from monsters and explore the world's mysteries as you travel through the story.Once Human is a next-generation survival horror game for mobile and PC centred around the idea of survival in a post-apocalyptic paranormal world filled with strange creatures and unknown mysteries.Once Human Release DateWhile there has been no confirmation for the game's official release date, Once Human is expected to be released globally in Q3 2024, between July and September.Once Human Beta Test Once Human's second closed beta test will start on March 28, 2024. Interested gamers can sign up to participate in the beta test. Registration began on February 26 and will run until March, but if you're interested, join up as soon as possible because there are just a few seats available and Starry Studios has already received hundreds of applications.
If you are as eager about playing Once Human as we are and want to try it before the official global release, you can sign up for the upcoming Once Human Beta Test for Mobile on their official website.
How do I get beta access for Once Human?
To participate in the second closed beta test of Once Human, you will have to sign up for it through the official website of Once Human.
Will Once Human be free to play?
Yes, Once Human will be free to play the survival horror game by Starry Studios.
Where can I play Once Human?
As of now, you can only play Once Human on your mobile devices, but it will be available for pre-download on the PC.
Will Once Human come to console?
There is currently no confirmation regarding the console version of Once Human. Only the mobile and PC versions of the game are under production; if there is a console version, it will not be released before 2025.
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