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Super Mario Bros.™ Wonder
Super Mario Bros. Wonder has left me in a world of WONDERS!

Super Mario Bros. Wonder has left me in a world of WONDERS!

3K View2023-10-23
You're never too old to enjoy a classic experience, I probably wouldn't have said that earlier this week. However, I finally decided it was time to take up a series of older titles than what I'm used to playing and see where things lead me.
I can't believe how really entertaining these games are, even after more than 20 years! They're as vivid, exciting, and innovative as ever!
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Super Mario Bros.™ Wonder (Reviewed) Developer: Nintendo Publisher: Nintendo Released: October 20th, 2023 Price: $60 USD Super Mario has been Nintendo's most recognizable character since the 1980s and far into the twenty-first century, hopping up and down and bouncing off a Goomba or three and Koopa Kid in order to save the princess and the Mushroom Kingdom. I understand what is probably on your mind right now as you're thinking.
Classic 2D platformer Mario is back! | First Impressions - Super Mario Bros. Wonder
I never was a big Super Mario fan, but I did play a lot of it during my NES and SNES childhood days. It's one of the earliest gaming experiences I've ever had, especially with Super Mario Bros. 1 and 3. I also a played some Mario Kart on the Switch and their recent 3D platformers, but Wonder is just really special. Classic 2D platformer Mario is back, and it's probably the best Super Mario game to date.
Nintendo's farewell masterpiece song for the Switch | Review - Super Mario Bros. Wonder
✨Overview Developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Bros. Wonder marks the return of traditional side-scrolling Mario after a decade-long hiatus. The game introduces us to the Flower Kingdom, a vibrant and fantastical world neighboring Mushroom Kingdom that's filled with surprises and extraordinary gameplay mechanics. 🟩Pros +Innovative new gameplay mechanics +Accessible difficulty for all ages +Creative level design and wonderful gimmicks that keeps on surprising +Wonderfully beautiful; colorful and joyful looking +Fun local co-op play with its own mechanics
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