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What if MMOs didn't take up all your time? mo.co is a monster hunting game that lets you pet cats

What if MMOs didn't take up all your time? mo.co is a monster hunting game that lets you pet cats

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If you love MMOs, but you don’t want to spend hours raiding every week, mo.co is the game for you. This streamlined, fast-paced hack-and-slash game from Supercell is extremely satisfying, even when you can only play for a couple minutes at a time. The core mechanics are pretty simple, but that’s ultimately part of its appeal. You could definitely spend hours on mo.co if you wanted, but I really think it shines when it’s played in short bursts.


I’ve been playing
mo.co daily since it entered open beta on October 25, and I’ll keep on playing until the beta ends on November 6th. During my hours of playtime, I’ve fought all kinds of monsters, taken on plenty of daily quests, and battled alongside other players in raids. I’ve also had the chance to unlock all kinds of fun content, including special moves, costumes and cosmetic upgrades, and even a cute wolf pet! The beta is extremely polished, and it’s absolutely packed with content, so I’d definitely recommend checking it out while you still can!


Smooth, second-nature hack-and-slash gameplay. There’s no need for long, drawn-out tutorials in mo.co. Not only are the controls seamless, but they’re incredibly intuitive. I felt like I knew what I was doing after just a few minutes; it’s really the kind of game that anyone could pick up and play.

While mo.co isn’t overly complex, it’s not lacking in depth either. Weapons and abilities can be mixed and matched to create all kinds of character builds.  I spent most of my time slugging monsters with a giant club, but I could also focus on ranged attacks or turn my character into a healer. Switching to a new build can really change the feeling of the game, and experimenting with different combinations is a ton of fun.
• It respects your time. MMOs can be major timesinks, but that’s not the case with mo.co. Every day, I was given a small selection of daily quests for each location I’d unlocked. Once I’d taken care of those, I could try my hand at raids or work on longer quests called projects. I never ran out of things to do, but I felt like I could have a complete, rewarding experience just playing twenty minutes or so a day. It’s hard to make time for all the games I want to play, so I really appreciated that mo.co didn’t demand too much from me.
Lots of loot. I’ve seen some comparisons between mo.co and Monster Hunter, but it also has a ton in common with games like Diablo. I was constantly discovering blueprints for new items or materials I could use to upgrade the gear I already had. There was always a steady stream of goodies for me to enjoy, and that made even my shorter play sessions feel really fulfilling.
Fun, stylish visuals. Sure, mo.co is a blast to play, but it’s also nice to look at! The colorful, cartoony artstyle is a perfect match for the game’s overall tone. There are plenty of awesome-looking monsters to fight and cool outfits to try on, but there are also lots of charming details hidden in the background, like a cat that hangs out at your homebase. If you’re wondering if you can pet the cat, you absolutely can, and you better believe I cuddled that kitty every time I saw it.


Tracking projects is a pain. Every time I entered a location, my daily quests for that area were automatically pinned to my screen. For some reason, I couldn’t do the same thing with projects. I could only view my projects or track my progress when I was at my home base, which was kind of frustrating. I got a notification when a project had been completed, but I really wish there was a way to actively track these quests while working on them.
Limited communication with other players. Even though mo.co naturally encouraged me to work with other players, I couldn’t really interact with the people that I played with. There’s no way to send messages, even in raids. The only communication tools I had were three monster emojis. It is possible to create a lobby chat for you and your friends, but since none of my friends are playing mo.co, I haven’t been able to use it.

💬Will you hack and slash your way through monsters in mo.co? Share your thoughts on the open beta in the comments!
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Just started playing mo.co - really vibing with the hack-and-slash gameplay!


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mo.co is a multiplayer online game that combines MMO, dungeon exploration, and open-world elements. Currently, only a select group of players have received trial access, and official recruitment reservations are available on the game's website. Testing is expected to begin in October. While the official test countries haven't been announced, we speculate it might be available in regions like the United States, Canada, and New Zealand. So, get your VPNs ready.
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